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To succeed in the cake industry you need a first hand understanding of the highs, the lows, the joys, the tears, the easy wins and the hard roads.  Here is where you will find a warts and all journey based on the honest truth. My 'gang' is a solid support community for both hobby and business cake makers....

It's called THE ACADEMY....

"The Academy is Life Changing...."

"A little cupcake...and a lady named Suzi, changed my life....crazy as it sounds, it is true!"

Laura Moore  //  Academy Member


20 Quick and Easy Marketign Ideas for your cake business


Stuck on ideas on how to start or grow a cake business. Suzi has put together this guide of 20 top things you MUST be doing.  Download and receive this and the best cake business advice and tips straight to your inbox

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THE place to find FREE cake tutorials, cake news, fashions, trends and top tips for setting up, running and growing your cake business.

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Dealing with those tricky issues that arise for cake businesses. Whether starting or growing a business, the podcast will give you some much needed support.

Hi, I'm Suzi Witt

I am a mum from Bath, England who turned 12 cupcakes into a $7 figure empire. I teach people like you to make cakes....cakes that are pretty frikkin' awesome!

But I also teach you how you can turn your caking skills into a business which can literally change your life. I'm not kiddin' ya...

Within 2 years of making my first cupcake (like EV...AR), I made my first $1 million using cakes...I then went on to grow that into a multi million $ business.

Yehh...I show you how. I show you what works and what doesn't. But more than that...I tackle a lot of the issues I faced as a woman and as a mother taking that journey: from tackling confidence & anxiety, kicking a fear of failure, juggling kids and starting a business....its a looooonnnnnng list!

Because for a female running a business, you need more than just "how to" guides. You need to know about the highs, the lows, the joy, the tears...it's a warts and all journey of the honest truth. My 'gang' is a solid support community for both hobby and business cake makers. It's called THE ACADEMY...

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​​​​This is my 5th year as a member and I LOVE IT!

"I joined the online school and it is EPIC! Suzi's business advice helped me take the plunge into leaving my old career and setting up my own business and I have never looked back. This is my 5th year as a member and I LOVE IT!"

​​​​Jo Marsden  //  Academy Member

The Academy courses are an absolute must

"With Suzi's encouragement and support, I have built a thriving and profitable wedding cake business. I attended her business training which is AWESOME. I now have my own business but Suzi is the one who got me started and still supports me to this day. The Academy courses are an absolute must no matter what level you are..."

Sonja Weed  //  Academy Member

​​​​I highly recommend the membership

"I have been a member since 2013 and I absolutely love the online school. Suzi is a real people person and has a real interest in helping other small businesses. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the membership of the Academy; I have learnt so much since I joined".

Joanna Haines  //  Academy Member

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