Sep 10

10 September 2018

7 Tips When Working With Florist Paste (Gum Paste)

Here are my 7 top tips for working with florist paste and getting the most out of it. 

It is also known as Gum Paste (in the USA) and Floral Paste. 

My Top Tips for working with Florist Paste:

Tip#1: Use a good brand

Use a really good brand.  Squires Kitchen is one of the best.  Beau Products is one I used to use due to the little pots of colours that it comes in. 

Tip#2: Trex or Crisco

To make the paste easier to use, use Trex (Crisco) with it to soften it. 

Tip#3: Don't overwork it

The florist paste will slowly take mositure out of your hands. Therefore once it is soft and smooth stop fiddling with it. If you do it will dry out fairly quickly. Just wrap in a food safe bad once it is ready. 

Tip#4: Roll it as thin as you can

You can roll florist paste very thin indeed (so you can almost see through it). It is very strong and stretchy so don't be afraid of it. 

Tip#5: Don't use it to cover cakes

Florist paste dries hard and brittle. Therefore it is not used to cover cakes. Instead use fondant (sugar paste) to cover cakes.  Florist paste (gum paste) is used for making decorations such as flowers, leaves, petals or other things that need to dry thin and hard. 

Tip#6 and 7: Wrap in an airtight bag

When you need to wrap it, you need it to be airtight.  I use food bags.  Clingfilm is not as good as it slightly lets the air in.  Also check that the food bag you have is not one which breaths as you want it to be fully air tight when wrapped. 

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