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04 September 2018

How to Colour Fondant / Sugarpaste

When it comes to colouring fondant, you have two choices: pre coloured or colour it yourself. 

Well actually, that is not strictly true. You can also cover cakes in white fondant and then airbrush on the colour. Or you can paint a white fondant covered cake as well. 

You can also add colour via buttercream or royal icing.  But in this free tutorial, we are focusing on the very beginning steps of how you colour fondant. 

What do you use to colour the fondant? 

You will need a food colouring but it needs to be a paste one, not a liquid one. 

Add a tiny bit to your fondant using a cocktail stick or the handle end of a teaspoon. You will not need very much and start with almost none as it is much easier to add more than to take away. 

Which colour brands work?

Any paste food colouring will work.  I always use Sugarflair food colourings but any of the following will work:

Sugarflair colour paste at Pretty Witty Cakes

Sugar Flair Food colouring Paste Pots

Americolor colour paste at Pretty Witty CAkes

Americolor colouring Paste Pots

Squires Kitchen Colour Paste at Pretty Witty Cakes

Squires Kitchen colouring Paste Pots

Wilton colour paste at Pretty Witty Cakes

Wilton colouring Paste Pots

Rainbow dust blue colour pastes

Rainbow dust colour gel tubes

Are there any difficult colours?

Pre coloured Renshaws fondant at Pretty Witty Cakes

Yes, black, red, navy and dark purple are quite tricky to make. This is because you need a lot of colouring to make them dense in tone. This then affects the consistency of the colour paste which can make it harder to work with. 

When it comes to dark colours, I try and use pre-coloured sugarpaste (fondant) whenever I can. My favourite brand is Renshaws (if you are not sure on which brand of fondant is for you, see this post for some tips ). 

Here are some of the colours I tend to buy pre-coloured to save myself a heap of colouring work:

Renshaws Black Fondant at Pretty Witty Cakes

Renshaws Black Fondant

Renshaws Red fondant at Pretty Witty Cakes

Renshaws Red Fondant

Fuschia Pink Fondant at Pretty Witty Cakes

Renshaws Fuschia Pink Fondant 

Renshaws Brown Fondant at Pretty Witty Cakes

Renshaws Brown Fondant 

Renshaws Fondant - Blue or Aquamarine

Renshaws Navy or Aquamarine Blue fondant 

As you can see, these are all the darker colours which are harder to achieve because you need more gel colour.  It is much simpler to by them pre-coloured (that doesn't mean you have to but it does make your life easier). 

How do you store coloured fondant?

Fondant coloured can be kept for several months. You need to ensure you wrap it in an air tight bag (not just cling film). 

If you unwrap it and it is a little bit dry add a little Trex/Crisco (vegetable fat) to it and massage it in and this usually resurrects it.  

How long does coloured fondant last?

Coloured fondant will last ages.  The usual sell by on a pack of pre-coloured is about 6 months ahead.  If making your own it will be similar. The key is wrapping it well as above. 

Any other tips?

Get disposable gloves. It will save you from having hands that look like you have murdered someone in your kitchen 😉 

Use a colour wheel when thinking our your colour scheme or watch this video on basic colour theory for cakes. 

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