How to Cover a Square Cake Dummy - Pretty Witty Cakes
Dec 21

21 December 2018

How to Cover a Square Cake Dummy

How to cover a square cake dummy?? Covering square cakes and dummies can be really tricky to get right. Don't let it stress you out if you have an order for a square cake, watch this free tutorial from Pretty Witty Academy and learn the best way!

In this free video tutorial, regular guest tutor Nivia shows you how to cover a square cake/dummy. We are demonstrating on a dummy because it is actually harder to cover a dummy compared to a cake because dummies are so light. Once you've got the hang of a dummy a cake will be so easy! 

Top Tips when Covering Square Cakes or Dummies

The following top tips (as mentioned in the video) will also help. 

  • Use Trex or Crisco to help stick the fondant to the cake or dummy
  • Roll your fondant to bigger than the size you need
  • Work on the corners first
  • Add tiny pieces of fondant to the sharp corners on your cake or your cake dummy. The is because dummy (or cake) corners are often very sharp and more likely to tear your fondant. 
  • Raise your dummy to finish it. 

Materials used

  • Cake dummy (7 inch square)
  • White fondant - around 1 kg
  • Spatula
  • Trex or Crisco
  • 8 inch square board
  • Smoother (often you will need 2)
  • Sharp knife (not serrated) or pizza cutter
  • Scalpel knife
  • Pasta machine
  • Rolling pin
  • Smaller spare dummy or cup/bowl

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This method really works and is used in many of our tutorials inside the Academy. Come and join 1000s of other members inside the Academy!