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Sep 10

10 September 2018

How to Flat Ice Cupcakes

Flat icing cupcakes is a really useful skill if you want to be able to mater perfect piping of swirls. It is much easier to pipe on to a flat surface.  It is also easier for sugar paste/fondant domes if you originally start with a flat surface. Watch this video to learn how I do this (a clue: if you know how to fly aeroplanes, this will make complete sense to you). 

The Flat Icing Technique

You will need a flat palette knife. If you have a big and a small one then bigger one is easier to work with. 

You will need to bake some flat topped cupcakes first. The free recipe for these is here.

Flat Topped cupcake recipe at Pretty Witty Cakes

Suzi's flat topped cupcake recipe at Pretty Witty Academy

Before you start, think about aeroplanes

I have taught 1000s of people in face to face classes how to flat ice cupcakes and I learnt fairly early on that people understand how to do it better when I teach it using my unique method. 

  1. Imagine you are landing an aeroplane. 
  2. Your cupcake is your runway.
  3. Your palette knife is your plane.
  4. You will be landing your palette knife 'plane' on your cupcake coming down and landing on the back wheels like a plane does. 
  5. You must always start with a clean palette knife between each stroke. 
  6. You can go around as much as you like.  
  7. The perfect finish is a cake very close to the buttercream so that your buttercream is not too thick. 
  8. If it isn't working for you, think about your plane.  Are you landing with the back wheels first or are you coming in with the nose of the plane down. If you do the nose first, you will crash and your cake finish won't look as good.

Sounds crazy right? But it totally works. If you follow this method, you will be icing 100s of cupcakes in no time at all with no mistakes and no wastage 🙂 

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