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97 October 2018

How to get a perfect Cake Colour Scheme

Some people find it really hard to choose colours and jus think "How  do I get the perfect cake colour scheme?". If you struggle a little bit with the colour theory side of cake making, this short video is for you. 

This is a great little tool that is entirely FREE that helps you work out which colours go together and which don't. You can use it for cake design or any of your posters and graphic designs that go with your cakes. 

Click above to watch the video or read below if you prefer images and text. 

What is Coloors? And how does it give me the perfect colour scheme?

In short, Coolors is a really cool free website that I used when looking to try out colour schemes that work well together on cakes.

You can find it here: https://coolors.co/

What does it do?

Coolors will enable you to have auto generated colour schemes. It uses colour theory to automatically put colours that go together - together. 

It means you can rely on the app or website to get colours that work together rather than trying out actual colouring of fondant.

More importantly, it means you can match your cake colours to your wedding cake theme with much more ease.  That means you can get a perfect match for invitations, ribbons or other elements and send your bride or customer a list of Hex codes that you will match on your cake. 

Why do I recommend it?

This is a free tool that just gives you a little push if you are stuck on the early stage designs for cakes. 

But the main reason I recommend it is the ability to match colours to those in a photograph.  For example, if your customer gave you an image of bridesmaid dresses, shoes or flowers or even her mood board cut from a magazine, you can scan this into your computer or phone and give her back a list of Hex codes that she can take to stationary designers to make invitations etc. 

You can then ensure you match those Hex codes on your cake design. She is then happy and your job is made heaps easier with a very happy customer who thinks you are super helpful. It means the florist, cake maker and wedding planners all have the same base colour points to start from so no margins for error. 

It is also super useful for wedding fairs where you have a sample cake but you could then have a collection of colours to show other colours that the cake might work in.  

Is it FREE?

Yes it is totally free to use. You can even use many of the features without a (free) account. If you do have a free account then you can do some additional things as well. 

If you want to learn a little more about colour theory for cake makers, have a look at my related Blog Post here.

To play around with Coloors for yourself, visit their website here.