Aug 24

24 August 2018

How to Make Sugar Pearls

Sugar Pearls are so pretty, they are something that any cake maker needs to know how to do as it can make a huge difference to your finished cake. In this free tutorial, learn how to make simple sugar pearls.

Top Tips for Sugar Pearls

How do you get all the balls the same size?

You will need some modelling paste to make these pearls.  You can also use fondant or florist paste if you prefer. 

Roll your fondant out using a rolling pin or a pasta maker. Then cut our circles with a cutter that are around 1 inch in diameter. 

Roll those flat circuls into a ball. Doing it this way gives you perfectly matching sugar balls that are all the same size.  

How do you make them sparkly and food safe?

Put some lustre dust in a bowl with a lid. Snowflake lustre by Sugarflair or Pearl lustre is great but any colour pearl dust will work.

Add the balls and then shake it gently. This will cover all the balls.

Then tip the balls into a large dish with a piece of tissue in it. Shake the balls around and you will find all the excess dust moves to the tissue.

This is a great way to get small perfectly round and neat sugar pearls by hand. 

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