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07 September 2018

Tips on Transporting Cakes

How do I transport my cake?! So, you have made your cake, cupcakes and mini for transporting them safely so you don't ruin all your hard work! 

How to transport cakes - my top tips!

Tip #1: Use heavy duty cake boxes

You can buy heavy duty cake boxes but we tend to deconstruct them because we find they work better when you can slide rather than lift a cake out. See how in the video above.

Once the cake is in the box use non slip matting underneath the base board to stop it slipping around. 

The put a cake sleeve around the sides of the cake and a lid on.  Rain water will cause your fondant to pock mark (like chicken pox) so never let your cake touch the rain!

Purchase: You can get cake boxes in some of the larger cake stores. For example here and here.  Equally, it is fairly easy to make your own if you have some stuff cardboard. 

Tip #2: Break your cake down before you leave home

Never try and transport a 3 or more tiered cake. It will be unstable and could topple over if you break suddently. 

Instead, split the cake into 2 or 3 parts and take your tools with you and assemble the cake at the venue. You will feel so much less stressed if you take the cake in parts rather than try and drive with a tall cake in the car.

Tip #3: Beat the weather 

Try and cool your cake in the fridge before you leave and either turn the air con on or have all the windows open. A cake in a really hot car will melt pretty quickly!

Equally on a cold day, don't put your cake in the car too early and let it get cold becuase when it comes up to room temperature, the cake will sweat and go all sticky. 

Tip #4: Cupcake transportation

You will need to buy cupcake boxes for these.  These have perfect inserts in them.  These are made from cardboard and we always use these. We don't use the plastic cupcake transporters as the cakes can get too warm and then the wrappers slip.

Tip #5: Transporting mini cakes

Transporting mini cakes is a little more tricky. You can use a large cake box and have non slip matting. 

However, we opt for a more securre method. We use a big silver board and then "glue" each cake to the silver board with a blob of rolling icing. This will easily come off later with a palette knife.

As a belt and braces you can weave bubble wrap between the cakes. 

Tip #6: Air con

Use air con in your car.  If you don't have it, you can make an ice-box with cold blocks to keep the cake cool.  Or open all the windows at the very least.  At the end of the day, if your cake is warm it will melt so also consider the time of day you drive.  Better to arrive really early than have to drive in heavy traffic in the middle of a day. 

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