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7 December 2018

10 Top Tips for Amazing Cake Photos

10 top tips for amazing cake photographs from Pretty Witty Cakes

Taking cake photos! Once you have finished your cake or cupcakes, it is always fun to take a photo as a reminder to look back on – especially if you are just starting out.  

If you are wanting to set up (or already running) a cake business, photos are one of the most important parts so do not rush this part. Take your time and get some great quality images for your portfolio because you can totally ruin a great cake if you take a poor photo.

Those of you who enter competitions for cakes, often the image of your cake plays a really vital role as well.  Chances are a cake photographed nicely will rank higher than a cake photographed against some kitchen tiles. 

Here are my Top Ten Photography Tips:

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Tip #1: Take your photo in your cake kitchen not the venue

Suzi Witt at Pretty Witty Academy photography

One of the mistakes I made in the early days was thinking I could take a photo once I got to the venue to deliver a cake. These photos are some of the worst photos I have!  This is because at the venue you cannot control the lighting, the background, and other key features of a good cake photo.  So try and finish your cake in sufficient time to take a photo of it before it is delivered. 

Tip #2: Use Natural Light

Always take your photos with the electric lights switched off.  Natural light works best. If you have a light box or big photography lights that is perfect but with or without these natural light is always best.

Tip #3: Take Photos near a Window or Sky Light

A soft light from a window or an overhead light creates a beautiful effect on a cake.  We take all our photos at Pretty Witty HQ under natural light near a window rather than in the middle of the room.

Tip #4: If there is no natural light, use editing software

If you are unable to use natural daylight (for example, if you don’t finish your cake until dusk or the early hours), take a photo with the lights off as best you can (lights on if it is really dark) and then use a simple editing software like Picassa or Pic Monkey to help edit your photo. 

For members at Pretty Witty Academy, we also have the following tutorials that help with this all included with Academy membership HERE

Setting up your camera for cake photos at Pretty Witty Academy
How to create simple photo backgrounds at Pretty Witty Academy
Editing your cake photos at Pretty Witty Academy
Using props to enhance your photos at Pretty Witty Academy

Tip #5: Create Settings and Backgrounds

No one wants to see a fantastic cake with a pile of ironing behind it. Invest in some wall paper from a DIY shop and use this as background.  Another great backing is scrapbooking paper from craft shops such asHobbycraft. If you make lots of wedding cakes, line some plywood with wall paper and have different tall backgrounds you can have as “replacement walls” behind your cake.

For artificial backdrops you can also create wallpaper with ease using tools like Be Funky. There is a full tutorial on Be Funky and it works inside the Pretty Witty Academy here.

Editing cake photos with Be Funky

Tip #6: A Decent Camera?

You can get some great shots from iPads, iPhones and snap shot cameras using some of the principles above.  However, if you run (o plan to run) a cake business, you will eventually need to invest in a decent camera.  A camera such as a Nikon D3000 (the one I use) or  D3100 do most of the hard work for you so you can largely rely on the auto setting if you are not too good with a camera!  This is around £300 though so not a cheap investment so start off using the basic principles.

Tip #7: If shooting cupcakes, line up your cakes like soldiers!

Cakes should be positioned neatly in rows all facing the same direction for the best and neatest effect in photos.  All your flowers or decorations should point the same way! With bigger cakes, keep everything clean and neat and don’t over clutter with backgrounds

Tip #8: Take your photo from the side

If taking photos of cupcakes, try to avoid too many overhead shots as these can get boring.  Instead, crouch down and take a shot from the side view.  This will make the cakes look as if they are fading into the distance so you can create an effect of lots of cakes when you perhaps only have 10 or 15!  With bigger cakes, try and few angles but always have the side view.

Tip #9: Play with the background colour

It is surprising in cake world how different a cake can look on a different colour background.  A white background will be completely different to a stripy or spotty background so have a secretion of fabrics, cards and papers that are for backgrounds. The below two backgrounds were created using Be Funky and change the feel of the cake entirely. 

Background colour on cake photos

Tip #10: Take cakes out of the box!

It is amazing how many cake pictures show cupcakes or cakes still in a box. When you have spent that long creating a cake or cakes, show it off – dress it up a little and show it at its best. Cakes are just like people in that way – we wouldn’t want our photo taken as soon as we got out of bed with our clothes all crumpled – we would want to put nice clothes on, do our hair and make up and then pose for the shot! So take some time to give your cakes the setting they deserve.

Happy Snapping! 

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