Money Mindset and Pricing for Profit


Dec 18

18 December 2018

Pricing for Profit in your small business. Top tips from the Suzi Witt Show Podcast

In episode 6 of the Suzi Witt Show, I am talking about money mindset and specifically pricing your cakes for profit.

Money and making money is a huge deal, as if you don't manage this hurdle your business quickly falters.  For this podcast, I focus on my thoughts around making money money mindset and 10 guidelines I follow that may also help you

Episode Summary:

  • Find out the 10 guidelines Suzi follows when it comes to running a profitable business.
  • Listen to the reasons Suzi rarely does sales and how harmful they can be.
  • Podcast
    Find out why Suzi doesn't pay much attention to competitors these days.
  • Podcast
    Find out why it is important to pay the right price from the get go (or adjust it quickly).
  • Find out the importance of understanding that turnover is not the same as profit.
  • Why being flexible makes all the difference.
  • Why you need to adjust things if you are not feeling like it is working and why you should not be afraid to do so,

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