My 7 Figure Business and the 7 Lessons I Learnt


Dec 25

25 December 2018

The backstory of a 7 figure business and the 7 lessons I learnt

In episode 7 of the Suzi Witt Show, I am opening up with a true story of how I ended up leaving the legal world, setting up my own business and then growing it into a 7 figure global empire. 

This is a honest, raw, warts and all account of life behind the scenes as I navigated this journey. During the tough times, some important lessons were learnt and I share 7 of those during this podcast. 

Episode Summary:

  • Learn why Suzi's mindset was set to self-sufficiency from a very young age and why it was almost inevitable she would end up in her first career as a lawyer despite having had zero interest in law. 
  • Hear how one family tragedy changed Suzi's path but yet she missed an important life lesson.
  • Podcast
    Why Suzi felt that having a child freed her from a life that she hated.
  • Podcast
    Hear about how Suzi had to make some very hard decisions to switch off some of the most profitable parts of her business when they were at their peak.
  • Learn the 7 vital and valuable lessons Suzi shares as a result of her experience and why she now tries to help other women. 

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