The Trailer to the Brand New Suzi Witt Show


Oct 30

30 October 2018

The trailer to the Suzi Witt Show Podcast

Welcome to the trailer for the Brand New Suzi Witt Show Podcast!  

I started Pretty Witty Cakes in 2010 and it has been quite a journey. During this short trailer, I talk about what the Suzi Witt Show is and who it is for.  Listen to find out more and make sure you subscribe for free on iTunes to get your weekly Tuesday dose of positivity! 

Episode Summary:

  • This short trailer explains who the podcast is for
  • Are you a woman who wants to start, build and grow a successful business. Listen in to find out more
  • Find out more about Suzi's story in just 3 minutes!
  • Podcast
    Why I focus on business as well as mindset in my podcast.
  • Podcast
    How you raise questions to have them included in the podcast!

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