What is the Suzi Witt Show and Who Is Suzi Witt?


Nov 13

13 November 2018

What is the Suzi Witt Show and Who Is Suzi Witt

In this very first episode of the Suzi Witt Show, I talk about what the show is about, who is it for and why I have started a podcast. 

I started Pretty Witty Cakes in 2008 and it has been quite a journey. During this introduction podcast, I talk about my background and give a little bit of insight into how I am where I am today. There have been some pretty major life changing career goals and directions but there was a common underlying strand in all of them.  Listen to find out what it was. 

Episode Summary:

  • What the Suzi Witt Show is about and how I have ended up doing a podcast
  • What one (not so nice) female boss changed the future of my entire career and ended up being my role model of what not to be!
  • How and why I chose to be a lawyer and how I got trapped in a world of money where I felt like I had no escape
  • Podcast
    How a major family bereavement and a trip to the USA changed my outlook on life and led to career changes
  • Podcast
    Why I am so passionate about helping other woman succeed and why nothing is more saitfying that giving a helping hand to another female girl boss. 

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