Why you need a Brand and not a Business


Nov 20

20 November 2018

Why you need to build a brand and not a business

In this week's episode of the Suzi Witt Show, I talk about a subject that I am hugely passionate about: Why your business should be a brand and not just a business. 

When I first started my cake business, I focussed heavily on branding rather than building a small business and that made a vital difference to my growth further down the line. 

Episode Summary:

  • What is the difference between a business and a brand
  • The huge mistake I made in year 4 of running Pretty Witty Cakes which lost me 2000+ members and what you can do to avoid doing the same
  • Why branding is so much more than logos and colours schemes!
  • Podcast
    How to create a brand that kicks ass
  • Podcast
    Why branding your business will enable you to take time off and still make money

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