Your Focus is All Wrong: Email List vs Social Media


Nov 27

27 November 2018

The Suzi Witt Show Podcast: Why your focus is all wrong. Email Lists vs Social Media

In this week's episode of the Suzi Witt Show, I am talking about the importance of growing your own email list and how you do that. 

The focus on social media and growing 'likes' is often so prominent in the early years of running your cake business that many people completely overlook how vitally important having an email list is.  In this episode, I dicuss the huge mistake I made and the advice I would give to any small business starting or seeking to grow their own business. 

Episode Summary:

  • The one massive mistake I made when starting my business
  • How I survived the facebook Algorithm changes
  • 5 ways to collect emails that work
  • Podcast
    Common mistakes that people make when they are trying to grow their business or their email list which is costing them money
  • Podcast
    How you can still collect emails and be GDPR complaint
  • How to 'upsell' your customer
  • The dynamic between your social media accounts, your email list and free stuff. 

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