The Best Business Accounts to Follow on Twitter

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12th December 2019

The Best Business Accounts to Follow on Twitter

The Best Business Accounts to Follow on Twitter

Why Twitter is great for your business

Twitter is a fantastic resource and many businesses don't utilise it enough. In this blog we are going to look at some of the best business accounts to follow on Twitter.

Twitter gave us the hashtag, the @ and they taught us to love 140 characters and no more!

Twitter doesn't over complicate things. It is a very easy way of communicating. It is very easy to scroll past something that isn't for you, without having to do multiple clicks, visit various pages or read anymore than you have time for. 

It is easy to communicate with other accounts, either via a DM (direct message) or by tagging an account publicly with the @ symbol.

It is easy to praise companies and individuals  for amazing work. It is also a great way of getting people to listen, as tweets are public and they have a lot of potential reach.

Some of the most unsuspecting tweets have ended up going viral with bizarre hashtags trending and millions of retweets.  Who knows what effect those 140 characters might have on the world!

Twitter Follow Me

Google Loves Twitter

Google and Twitter have a direct partnership. This partnership means that Google has access to the full Twitter stream which means that Twitter has a key role in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). This is something you really can't pass up when running a business and wanting to hit that front page on Google organically.

Twitter is a fantastic way to communicate with your customers and fellow small businesses quickly and efficiently. More and more consumers and turning to Twitter for a quick customer service response from businesses. Who has time to sit on hold for an hour anyway?!

There are more than 300 million ACTIVE users on Twitter so it is no surprise that our best business accounts to follow on Twitter are really making the most of those users.

Twitter Birds

So let's take a look at the best business accounts to follow on Twitter:

1. @witt_suzi

(Our very own) Suzi Witt - 13.5k followers

Suzi Witt Twitter

Founder of the wonderful Pretty Witty Cakes and Pretty Witty Academy, Suzi has a huge passion for business and particularly supporting women in business and working mums.

Building up 7 figure businesses is what Suzi does best, and she loves to share her knowledge with others. 

Touching on those otherwise boring subjects such as GDPR and Terms and Conditions, Suzi uses her legal background to breakdown these dull topics so they can be implemented correctly within small and medium sized businesses.

If you are struggling with the mix of being a mum and a business women then Suzi has a great focus on women in business and in particular mums who are trying to juggle running a business with school holidays, nativity plays and parents evenings.

Also covering subjects such as how to become more successful and how to network when you are an introvert, as well as a huge host of tools and tips for tech lovers and how to make your website work for you, this is a fail safe best business Twitter account you must follow.

2. @JulieDeaneOBE and @CamSatchelCo

Julie Deane OBE - 272 followers

@CamSatchelCo - 25.3k followers

Cambridge Satchel Company Twitter

Julie is the founder of the Cambridge Satchel Company which she founded with her mother on their kitchen table with a £600 budget back in 2008. Taking inspiration from traditional British school bags the Cambridge Satchel Company now make a huge range of sizes, styles and colours. What I love about Julie’s story is her WHY? Julie had a very clear WHY? when she started her business - to have enough money to send her children to a better school.

Whilst Julie isn’t the most frequent tweeter she does tweet about when you can get an opportunity to hear her speak which I have been lucky enough to see. Her story is fascinating and very inspiring to hear directly from Julie.

Her story includes being featured in Italian Vogue in year one and taking back full control of production in 2011. Onto the FANTASTIC Google advert in in 2012 which received over 6 million views and transformed the Cambridge Satchel Company into a household name almost overnight. Keeping it British, remembering her why and collaborating have been key points to the companies success.

I love Julie’s personal Twitter account because she is so much more than just the ‘bag lady’ and it is clear why she was awarded an OBE for her services to entrepreneurship. She is an inspiration to follow and most certainly one of the best business Twitter accounts to follow.

3. @DeliciouslyElla

Ella Woodward - 194k followers

Deliciously Ella Twitter

Deliciously Ella is best known for her healthy recipes, those ever so moreish power balls and a widely followed podcast. However her twitter account brings a wonderful variety of mindfulness, mental health advice, general tips for staying healthy and retweets from some other fantastic twitter accounts.

She touches on subjects such as sobriety, failure, sleep and so much more. And when there is an insanely delicious recipe for sweet potato, chickpea and pumpkin curry to stop us reaching for the chocolate on a cold winter’s day, what more could we want!

Covering subjects such as ‘Happiness is a trainable skill’ and ‘Why we sleep’ this Twitter account really gives you the perfect balance between small business work life and your own personal life. Knowing that work isn’t everything and creating that harmony between these two big parts of living; work and home, helps make sure you take the time to look after yourself.

With nearly 200,000 Twitters followers she must be doing something right!

Twitter and Coffee

4. @smallbiztrends

Anita Campbell - 145k followers

Small Business Trends Twitter

The twitter account is run by Anita Campbell who shares tips, articles and inspirational quotes to keep you up to date with the trends we see emerging across small businesses. Keeping your business up to date with vital data is essential.

It is an incredibly informative Twitter business account giving you advice from how to start a franchise through to effective collaboration.

They aim to deliver a small business successes everyday making them of our best business accounts to follow on Twitter.

5. @ElenaVerlee

Elena Verlee - 2,500 followers

Elena Verlee Twitter

Elena Verlee ‘loves to talk about PR, building a biz and living life fully’ Over her career she has built six and seven figure businesses whilst juggling two children and living between two countries. 

Elena's career has been very PR focussed and naturally she loves to cover this topic over on her Twitter account. Sharing insights from talks and events she has attended as well as links to super helpful blogs and podcasts, Elena's Twitter is one you must check out.

She also has a fantastic blog called PR in your Pajamas.

Twitter Birds

6. @NinaKaufman

Nina Kaufman - 10.1k followers

Nina Kaufman Twitter

Nina is one of Forbes Top 30 Women Entrepreneurs.

Sharing everything from cold remedies and recipes to book reviews and motivational quotes, Nina’s Twitter account is lighthearted but motivational and informative at the same time. She includes interviews with guests as well as herself being interviewed on other people’s blog posts, podcasts and accounts.

With a background in law, Nina aims to demystify small business law for entrepreneurs. 

She is an award winning business lawyer, speaker and blogger.

When it comes to the best business Twitter accounts, this is just the tip of the iceberg, there are so many fantastic businesses, business men and women, and inspirational people to follow out there. 

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If you have read the above and want some more great resources, then check out this fantastic Podcast by Suzi Witt on how to build a business that works for you.

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