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9th October 2019 

The Most Expensive Wedding Cakes

Just some cake prices to put everything else into perspective.

How much would you pay for a pudding?

Have you ever had a customer who's said "How much?!?" to your very reasonably priced cake quote? We know the feeling. Your heart sinks a little as years of training and skill get whittled down to a number and a price someone just isn't willing to pay. This is often the case for cake makers but with celebrity clients, it is seemingly a whole different story.

With a celebrity client and seemingly no budget, some cakes are pretty high.

Celebrity cakes are some of the most expensive cakes ever made, costing thousands and sometimes even millions of dollars. They are adorned with intricate piping work, lace details and sometimes diamonds. Starring as a centrepiece, the cake certainly wouldn’t be missed, you’d just hope it tasted delicious judging by the price.

With average prices of a wedding in the UK coming in at around £30, 355 according to bridebook, we can't even consider these high prices, some might say "Would you like some wedding with your cake?"

We’ve had a look into the most expensive cakes ever made, so if you’ve ever wondered, wonder no more, here are the top few.

1. National Gay Wedding Show

National Gay Wedding Show

Coming in at number 1 and being the most expensive cake, this one is from the National Gay Wedding show and was made by baker Tim Smith for the Liverpool based show. 

Diamonds, diamonds, and more diamonds. This cake came in at a whopping $52 million (£34 million) and was made by a bakery in Chester, England. It was 8 tiers tall and adorned with 4000 diamonds, so just a few nothing extravagant.

2. Prince Charles and Lady Di

Prince Charles and Lady Di

Made by David Avery of the Royal Naval Cookery School, this was nothing short of a triumph. With 27 cakes as well as this 5 tiered beauty, the couple's cake took 14 weeks to make and weighed over 200 pounds!

It was a floral masterpiece with the royal coat of arms and cost of $40,000 (£33, 200) in 1981. This would be $116, 400 (£96, 300) today! A duplicate cake was also made, just in case anything went wrong on the big day. Nothing surprises us anymore.

An auction that took place in 2014 sold a piece of this wedding cake (as it was fruit) for £825! For a slice. 

3. Kate and Wills 

Kate and Wills

A stunning cake and cheap in comparison, coming in at $80,000 (£66,400) and decorated with 12 types of flower, all with a special meaning to the pair. In total there were 900 sugar paste flowers on the cake. 

We would have had to have started years in advance to get all those made, we hope cake designer Fiona Cairns was given good warning.

The top tiers of this cake were saved for HRH Prince George's christening and were enjoyed by the family a second time. 

4. Donald Trump and Melania Knauss

Donald Trump and Melania Knauss

We all know Donald Trump isn’t one for living under the radar and this was certainly true with his wedding cake.

Coming in at a staggering $50,000 (£41, 500), this 5 foot high, 7 tier cake was nothing short of extravagant. It was covered with 3000 sugar paste roses and definitely couldn’t be missed. We are very impressed by the hand work of pastry chef Cedric Barbaret who spent 2 months making this cake.

5. Eddie Murphy and Nicole Mitchell

Eddie Murphy and Nicole Mitchell

As it turns out, expensive cakes aren’t just reserved for the royal family, presidency and cake shows. With actor Eddie Murphy’s cake cashing in at a whopping $25,000 (£20,700) in 1993, that would be $44,000 (£36,500) now. We can safely say, this was nothing short of a floral explosion. 

Our Final Words:

So next time your customer says "How much?!" just point them in the direction of this post and it'll aaalllll be put into perspective. Some of these cakes are unbelievable prices and something we can only dream of. 

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