Jan 29

29 January 2019 

Cornelli Piping Free Cake Tutorial

Cornelli Piping is great for beginners! Piping with royal icing can be really tricky to get the hang of when you are first learning to decorate cakes.  So, many cakers opt to use something called Cornelli piping which is a detailed and intricate piped design that even new cakers can achieve. 

Pretty Witty Academy Guest Tutor Rachel Hill shows you how to pipe in Cornelli style. 

What is Cornelli piping?

This method of piping is a line of royal icing that is continuous. You keep going as long as you can repeating wiggling and different directions. 

It is often used for wedding cakes but can be used for more informal designs as well.

Materials used

  • Royal icing
  • Piping bag
  • Super white
  • No. 1.5 nozzle

Top Tips

To make your royal icing whiter, add a little bit of Super White food paste colouring to it. You can buy Super White from Sugarflair.  

Super white food colouring at pretty witty cakes

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