Jan 19

19 January 2019 

Designing and Sketching Cake Ideas

When it comes to making cakes, one of the hardest things to do is to get your clients ideas and words into visual reference for your client to see.

Pretty Witty Academy Guest Tutor Rachel Hill shows you how she manages clients to get cake ideas to a clients. Watch the video above to find out more.  For the template download see below. 

Top Tips for designing your clients cakes 

The following top tips will also help. 

  • Never rely on words alone. Draw up an image of your client's ideas . 
  • Use a simple flat template - the design sketch doesn't need to be amazing - but it ensures that you are both talking about the same decoration or design for the cake. 
  • Make sure your client signs off on that design. Send it to them on email confirming this is the design you will make.  
  • If your client has a crazy sense of colour and you know the colours won't work, draw the client colours on the sketch to show your client what you can see that they cannot.  

Materials used

  • Template for flat cake designs
  • Coloured pencils

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Flat Cake Template

For the cake template referred to in the tutorial, click below....

Free Template for designing and sketching cakes from Pretty Witty Cakes