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23rd October 2019

Free Cake Tutorial: Cake Portion Guide

Free Cake Tutorial: Cake Portion Guide

We are often asked questions like "How big is a portion?", "How many will a 12" cake serve?" and "Really? That's how you cut a huge cake?!".

Well, we're here for you and have created a guide to help you navigate your way around cake portions and serving estimates. Have a look at this post for all you need to know and find your free guide.

Follow this post and our download and you won't be struggling anymore, unlike this guy below...

It's only cutting a cake, how hard can it be​​​​​?

There are so many factors to consider when making a cake, where in the world you're making it as portion sizes may vary, what it's for - pudding or as a take away, how many people it needs to serve, whether you want to save the top tier for the first Christening. These are all things that need to be thought about so do make sure you ask your bride!

Venues also cut the cakes differently and so it is important to factor that in to your cake making and quantifying servings. Some venues will not use the edges of cakes, some will serve wonky slices and some will serve the whole thing from icing to crumb, so just take that into account.

How do I cut a huge cake?

Cutting a big cake is quite the task and shouldn't really be done the same way that you'd cut your average 8" round birthday cake. A smaller cake can be cut into segments. You make your wish and go around the cake from there, simple. You get nicely portioned triangles.

But what happens when you try this method with a 12" wedding cake? You end up with HUGE pieces that no one can eat. So, to combat this, you can cut the cake length ways, like a checkerboard. You get so many more portions and they are all an even size. You get nicely portioned rectangles. 

There is also another method when cutting a round cake using he triangle method and rings which we discuss the download. This works perfectly well but does reduce the number of portions. ​​

Square cakes are pretty easy and follow the checkerboard rule.​​

But how big is a portion?

Well that really depends on what the cake is being served for. If it is a pudding then you can be a bit more generous with your portions and if it's for after pudding as a take home or little late night nibble (we'll call it a coffee portion for now) then the portions can be smaller.

For a pudding portion of sponge cake we would recommend 2"x1" sized portions and for coffee portions 1"x1" will be ample.

For a fruit cake, the portion will be slightly smaller due to its richness so we would recommend sticking to a 1"x1" portion for pudding and coffee.

Note that if your cake is 3 or 4 layers deep then you can split the layer so you have either 15 or 2 layers of cake in one portion. This way you get double the number of portions as well.

It also allows guests to try a couple of the tiers if you have more than one flavour!

Top Tip​​​​​s:

  • Always have your cake portion guides handy when doing a face to face consultation, there's nothing worse than looking disorganised trying to work out how many people your cake will feed.
  • Aim to have the smallest tier, no larger than 6 inches as any bigger and this may make the cake look out of proportion.
  • Check with the venue or discuss with the venue how you'd like the cake to be portioned, then you know there will definitely be enough for everyone. 
  • If you're in a position to do so, have the venue make sure a couple of slices are saved for the Bride and Groom. They'll be so busy they might miss it and they'll be so pleased to find they can have some after the wedding. 
  • Make sure you discuss with the bride what the cake will be for, pudding or coffee.

FREE Printable Guide:

Cake Portion Guide

Here you can find your FREE printable guide to help you with all things portion sizes!

This would also be great to hand to venues or organisers to help them cut the cake when you're at home with your feet up after a long few days baking.

And if you loved this then why not look at out other free tutorial all about Cake Decorating Timelines and Storage.

What To Do Next:

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