Sep 30

30th September 2019 

Free Cake Tutorial: Cheeky Feet Cupcake Topper

Ah the joys of camping, there's so much to love, from the fresh morning air, bundling up in you sleeping bag at night and cooking over a camp fire. It really is a great thing to do, good to reset and means you can really appreciate the in doors when you come back!

Well if you love camping or know someone who does then have a look at this quick tip from Pretty Witty Academy, that will teach you how to make this really effective cheeky feet topper, perfect for you camping cupcakes. 

In this tutorial, learn how to make this really sweet cheeky feet camping cupcake topper. This quick tip will help you to improve your novelty cupcakes and get a really great reaction from your customer and camping fanatics alike.

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Camping Cupcake Toppers

Top Tips for this Cheeky Feet Cupcake:

  • Mix your sugar paste with gum tragacanth so it dries nice and firm. 
  • Make sure the whole topper is left to dry before it goes on the cupcake.    
  • Use spacers when rolling out, this will ensure an even thickness of your paste.
  • You can use a palette knife to help neaten any frayed edges of sugar paste, it also helps to straighten the edges.
  • Add creases to your feet using the dresden tool to make them look more realistic.
  • Use scissors to cut the grass as it comes out of the extruder. This will help you to handle the grass.

Products Used for this Cheeky Feet Topper:

Gum Tragacanth

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Green Sugarflair Colour - This is the colour Holly Green, for the disc and grass.

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Blue Sugarflair Colour - This is the colour Royal Blue, for the tent.

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Paprika Sugarflair Colour - This is the colour Paprika, for the feet.

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Edible Glue

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Dresden Tool

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Circle Cutter

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White Sugarpaste

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5cm Square Cutter

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Extruder - for the grass

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Small Blossom Cutter

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Camping Cake

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