Sep 09

9th September 2019 

Free Cake Tutorial: How to Make Hair

In this tutorial, you can learn how to make hair for all your model figures! This quick tip from Pretty Witty Academy, teaches you how to make different types of hair for all your sugar figurines.

Making hair is a really great skill to learn to hugely improve your sugar figures. Hair makes all the difference and being able to make a range of styles and colours to suit your customers needs is essential. 

Once you know the basics you can progress and develop your own styles and colours. You'll be able to really put your own stamp on your sugar models and toppers, perfect for helping you stand out against the crowd.

This quick tip will help you to improve your modelling and get a really great reaction from your customer. Learn how to make blonde and brown hair in different styles for your model figures.

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Top Tips for Making Hair:

  • Use a shell tool to create marks in your fondant, this will give texture to the hair.
  • Use the scalpel to make cuts in the fondant like strands of hair.
  • Use your dresden tool to create movement with the pieces of fondant to look like hair.    
  • A sugar gun/extruder can be used to make strands of hair, press the strands together at the top so they stay together well.
  • If you don't have a sugar gun/extruder, you can use your hands to make strands of hair. It takes a little more time but still works well.
  • You can twist the fondant to make the hair look curly. 

Products Used:

Shell Tool

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Brown Fondant

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Yellow Fondant

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Dresden Tool

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Extruder/Sugar Gun

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