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16th September 2019 

Free Cake Tutorial: How to Make Modelling Paste

This tutorial teaches you all about how to make modelling paste for all your cakes and creations. If you'd like to add another homemade element to your cakes then why not give this a go!

You can learn two really effective methods for making modelling paste in this tutorial using simple ingredients. Learn the secrets to making a good modelling paste and how adjusting one ingredient can help if you're in a humid environment.

In this quick tip from Pretty Witty Academy, you will learn how to make modelling paste.  This quick tip will help you to improve your novelty cake and wedding cake toppers and flowers, allowing you to say "I made that!".

This is also a great tip to know for when you run out late at night and can't get to a shop, you can just whip up a batch and keep going with your models and flowers.

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Core Information You Need to Know About Pastes

A Bit About Modelling Paste:

Modelling Paste is perfect for all modelling and toppers that you might use on cakes. It also works really well for any sugar flowers you may wish to make. Modelling paste dries quickly and really hard which makes it perfect for modelling as it holds it's shape well.

When making models that need a helping hand to stay upright, you can use spaghetti to help them! You can pierce your model and stack it using the spaghetti as a central support. It is best to avoid using cocktail sticks especially for children's cakes and so spaghetti is a great alternative.

Modelling Paste vs Sugar Paste:

Modelling paste is not the same as sugar paste, as sugar paste would not dry hard enough or quick enough for your models and flowers. You also can't roll sugar paste as thinly which makes it much less suitable for delicate sugar flowers and leaves.

Sugar paste doesn't hold its shape in the same way that modelling paste does, it cracks and breaks and so is best kept for covering large cakes where you need a soft covering.

Modelling paste dries hard and although is edible, it's not quite as soft as sugar paste so you might not want to eat it! Do be careful once your creations are dry though as if you drop them from a fair height, they are likely to smash.

Can I Colour Modelling Paste?

Modelling paste can be coloured using a concentrated food gel such as Sugarflair pastes. Once your model or flower has been created and is dry, you can add dusts to add depth and sometimes sparkle to your creations.

Modelling Paste needs to be "warmed up" before using. This can be done by giving it a little knead in your hands to ensure there are no cracks. If you're colouring the paste this also ensures that all the colour has been dispersed evenly and there are no streaks. Cracks need to be smoothed out well, as any cracks in your model will only get worse as the paste dries.

What About Storing It?

Modelling paste dries quickly, so when working with it you need to have a sandwich bag and tupperware to hand. By keeping your modelling paste in an airtight space you will keep it fresh and workable. 

However, once your creations are dry, you want to keep them out of any kind of tupperware as they will only sweat and flop. They will lose their shape and your hard work will be ruined. Make sure to keep your models in a cool, dry place, something like a cake box, as this will keep them nice and hard, ready to use on your cakes. 

If you're not using your modelling paste for a little while then it can be stored in the freezer and then bought back up to room temperature ready to use again.

If your flowers or models are delicate then you can always use something like kitchen roll to give them a bit of padding and keep them really well protected.

Once your models are made they will last for several years as they are essentially pure sugar. However, that does not mean we condone using 3 year old sugar flowers for a customer. Oh, no. We'd recommend making them and giving them within a couple of weeks, when making them for an order. 

Top Tips for Making Modelling Paste:

  • Mix the Tylose powder and fondant together, start with the powder in the middle and knead together.
  • You can add more Tylose powder, depending on the humidity. If it is dry then you can add less Tylose and if it is a higher humidity then add more Tylose.
  • You can use 50:50 fondant and gum paste to make modelling paste.
  • Use your dresden tool to scoop out a little of the Tylose powder and mix in with your paste. This will ensure you don't add too  much.    
  • This again depends on the humidity as to whether you add more or less Tylose to the mixture. 
  • Don't add too much extra Tylose powder as it will make the paste harder to work with.

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