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19th August 2019 

Free Cake Tutorial: Concrete Cupcake Toppers

This is a free tutorial from Pretty Witty Cakes all about how to make concrete cupcake toppers!

This tutorial comes from Pretty Witty Academy and shows you how to make a concrete/stone effect. This is a really cool effect and is so simple to make, they only need sugar paste and moulds and you're set to impress!

These concrete cupcake toppers will look really impressive and go really well with the Rustic Concrete Wedding Cake at Pretty Witty Academy! They would look a perfect pair on any cake table or display at a wedding.

If you liked this, why not try this amazing Rustic Concrete Wedding Cake Tutorial over on the Academy!

It really is the perfect way to delve into the concrete cake world and learn from this step by step tutorial. The tutorial takes you through everything you need to know to make this stunning and modern cake.

Rustic Concrete Wedding Cake Tutorial from Pretty Witty Academy

Top Tips for Concrete Cupcake Toppers:

  • Use older more crusty sugar paste, this will help to create a textured concrete effect.
  • Use a range of colours of sugar paste including light pinks and greys.  
  • You can mix in sugar crystals to create a stoney effect, granulated sugar also works well.
  • You can use plain white cupcake toppers as a base to allow you to make cracks and add character to your topper.   
  • Reflect the top tier of a concrete wedding cake by using decorations in the style of the cake in the concrete toppers.

Products Used:

Grey Sugar Paste

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White Sugar paste    

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Pale Pink Sugar paste    

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Sugar Crystals

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Katy Sue Bird and Blossom Mould  

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Over on the Pretty Witty Academy site we have so many more tutorials showing you everything from sugar flowers to gravity defying cakes.

We also have a huge business section for those wanting to run a cake business or who already run one and just need some tips and a helping hand. 

Why not check out some of these amazing cake tutorials. See more at Pretty Witty Academy.

Concrete Cake Inspiration:

Wedding Cakes don't have to be white!

Originating in Australia, Concrete Cakes are very on trend, reflecting modern brutalist architecture and turning it into beautiful cakes. This could seem an unusual thing to base a wedding cake on, yet they looks so effective when contrasted with metallics, sharp edges and bright sugar flowers.

We've collected a range of concrete cakes that we LOVE. They can be surprisingly simple to make, yet look so effective. Gone are the days of perfect piping and bright white wedding cakes, held up with plastic columns adorned with sugar paste flowers all incasing fruit cake (which let's be honest, no one really likes anyway).

Let's keep up with the times and do what we like at our wedding, scrap traditions and so...enter the concrete cake!

This style of cake can be paired with metallics and soft flowers which work really well for a modern wedding. Give your cakes a retro edge and follow our tutorial.

Here's some we love:

This first cake is by Jen from Cupcakes and Counting

She is based in Dublin and makes the most beautiful cakes! She was originally a neuro and surgical theatre nurse but has now delved into the world of baking and sugar craft. 

We love the contrast of the gold and grey in this cake, and those sharp edges are very impressive. Marbling and gold leaf is such a great way to add a bit of something to your cakes to really make them stand out. You can have a look at more of Jen's wonderful cakes here.

This cake is made by the very talented Louisa Rogers. She owns ​Croft Cake Design and really makes some amazing cakes.

Louisa is based in Ireland and she started her business from a small cottage on a farm on the boarder of Wicklow/Carlow. The farm inspired her to include the fruit and veg in her baking and her experimentation with flavours began!

This cake is very on trend using both a contrasting two tier concrete design and a spray of flowers on the top. It makes for a magnificent cake and one that would be perfect for a modern and contemporary wedding. You can see more of her cakes here.

This third cake is from amazingly talented cake artist Kate Tynan from Little Button Bakery.

She gave up primary school teaching to become a professional cake designer and now makes stunning and very impressive cakes from her bakery in Marple, Manchester.

Now we LOVE this cake. It is beautifully bright with the sugar flowers which really stand out against the grey concrete base. The light grey colour also makes this cake look really fresh and modern with it's interestingly shaped tiers and marbled concrete design. 

This is a design with technical brilliance. It comes from Jasmine Rae of Jasmine Rae Cakes and is truly sensational.

Born in San Francisco, Jasmine Rae has been in many award winning magazines and her cakes are artistic masterpieces. You can see more of them here.

The gravity defying tiers, paired with the metallic concrete look is so effective and works really well as a show stopping cake. We are so impressed by how the cakes fit together so well, just like a jigsaw, and those sharp edges are something else! This one is such an inspiring cake and one we would love to try.

This final 3 tiered cake is from Ben the Cake Man.

With 20 years caking under his belt, Ben is an award winning chef as well as being a senior judge at Cake International. Based in the West Midlands, Ben really does make some outstanding cakes.

This cake is stunning, with the bright copper gold bottom tier and marbled concrete first and second. The sugar flowers really finish off the cake nicely and the copper veining through the concrete tiers are a great compliment to the base.

Our Final Words:

Concrete cakes really are cool and definitely worth trying. They are on the rise in the cake world and are just stunning. Do away with the doilies and lace and give this brutalist cake a go.

We hope you're feeling inspired to try these toppers and cakes! Come and show us your bakes and creations over on our Facebook Group - Pretty Witty Cakes.

And if you loved this tutorial then come over to the Pretty Witty Academy and have a go at our other tutorials.

What To Do Next?

Head on over to Pretty Witty Academy and join our amazingly global community of cake makers and learn how you can make stunning cakes too!

Rustic Concrete Wedding Cake Tutorial from Pretty Witty Academy

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