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9th December 2019 

Free Tutorial: How to Make a Christmas Snowman

Another festive tutorial for you! We love Christmas and so thought as it's a time for giving we'd give you not one but TWO free tutorials. Have a look at our Christmas Tree tutorial here.  No worries, we're here for you. 

In this tutorial from Pretty Witty Cakes you can learn how to make a Christmas Snowman. Complete with hat, buttons and a scarf, got to keep this snowman warm in the cold winter months.

This is perfect for topping cupcakes and big cakes and will really impress friends and family. It's such a simple technique but so worth using as it'll really make you stand out from the crowd. Christmas Bake Off anyone?

Learn how to make this simple snowman and take Christmas by a storm this year. Everyone will love it! 

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Top Tips for making this Snowman:

  • You need to use modelling paste for this snowman. If you don't have any then you can make your own by adding tylose powder to sugar paste.
  • You can make this snowman bigger to go on the top of a big cake, but this size is perfect for a cupcake.
  • The head needs to be nearly half the side of his body.
  • Use a cocktail stick to hold the snowman together, if this is for small children you can always use spaghetti. 
  • If you struggle to make eyes with the black modelling paste, you can always use black nonpareils.
  • For the orange, colour the white paste with tangerine colouring.
  • You may not need to use glue to stick the buttons on as saracino paste is quite sticky.
  • When rolling modelling paste, if you leave one end thicker then it is easier to pick up from the board.
  • You can use the dresden tool to tuck the scarf under the chin a bit more.
  • Use a cocktail stick to add detail to the hat.

Products Used for this Snowman:

White Modelling Paste

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Dresden Tool

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Black Saracino Modelling Paste

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Sugarflair Tangerine

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Edible Glue

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Red Saracino Modelling Paste

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Blue Saracino Modelling Paste

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Cone Tool

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Our Final Words:

We hope you loved this christmassy tutorial and feel more in the festive spirit. Do pop over to the Pretty Witty Cakes Facebook page  and come and say hi! Show us your creations and share your festive bakes.

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