Nov 11

11th November 2019 

Free Cake Tutorial: How to Airbrush a Sky Scene

This tutorial is all about how to airbrush a sky scene. This is perfect for themed cakes and novelty cakes and is a great way to add a background to your cakes!

It's a really simple method yet looks very impressive and is really effective. We promise you'll love this airbrushing technique.

Learn how to air brush your cakes in this free tutorial from Pretty Witty Cakes. In this tutorial you will learn an airbrushing technique that you can use on your own cakes.

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Top Tips For How To Airbrush a Sky:

  • You can practice this airbrushing technique on a board covered in sugar paste and then apply the same principle to you cakes.
  • You can make your stencil using an ordinary piece of paper.
  • Rip a cloud shape from the paper, but make sure it is big enough for you to hold in place.
  • It doesn't really matter about the shape of your cloud as long as it is roughly ok. 
  • If the paper curls having been torn, just give the paper a bit of a tug and smooth to straighten it out.
  • Place some paper under your practice board so you can check the colour, this also allows you to move on and off the board.
  • Keep hold of the paper while applying your paint so you don't make a mess of the airbrushing you've already done.
  • Spray half on the paper and half on the sugar paste.
  • Don't spend to much time over each piece of airbrush, just place it randomly. You want to spray, lift and move.
  • You could also use a pearl blue to add a bit of depth.
  • As there is a lot of buttercream on the cake, pop it in the fridge for half an hour to chill.
  • Then go in with the buttercream again and do a second crumb coat just to finish it off.

Products Used for Airbrushing:

White Sugar paste

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6 inch Cake board

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Cleaning Station

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Some Inspiration:

We love this effect of air brushing on cakes, it is so simple yet looks really effective. Here are some cakes that we really like to inspire you in your air brushing venture!

We thought this was such an interesting design with the stark white against the dark blue. It looks really effective!

This two tiered beauty is by Karen Reeves from Caking it Up. She is based in Sydney and gave up her 10 year teaching career to pursue all things cake!

We loved the sunset look in this cake with the dark purple base fading into a peach toned top tier. The flecks of gold work really well too to set off the airbrushing and make this cake sparkle!

This looked like a cool idea! Who would've thought that you could airbrush buttercream on cupcakes?! We love it.

This airbrush and drip cake is by La Ombre Creations established by a former dress designer, Saadia Masood.

Saadia is based in Amaroo, Canberra and specialises in designer luxe cakes.

This cake combines two very on trend techniques with the gold drips and air brushing and makes for a beautiful and vibrant cake. It looks perfect for any celebration. We also love the flowers draping over the top, accompanied by the pink macarons for extra sweetness!

This tile style cake is so effective, the colour is also beautiful being such a soft turquoise. It's amazing what a stencil and some paint can do for a cake!

This cake is by Erica from Erica O'Brien Cake Design. Based in Connecticut, she really focuses on the look and the taste, creating one of a kind designs for her clients.

This tile style cake is so effective, the colour is also beautiful being such a soft turquoise. The effect of a stencil and airbrush is amazing!

Now this one we really love, with it's clean lines and stark contrast between the white and gold, it's just so cool! This would be perfect for any modern wedding.

Finally, we have this cake is from The Pastry Studio based in Florida. Specialising in wedding cakes and celebration cakes they definitely know how to make a beautiful cake.

This one is no exception. The turquoise and gold work so well together and the white sugar flower with hints of gold really finish it off well. It is a simple one tiered beauty.

Our Final Words:

We hope you loved this tutorial all about how to airbrush a cake and feel inspired to us the technique on your bakes and creations. We love it and think it looks particularly good paired with some flecks of gold paint or gold leaf. You can have a look at which golds are best to use in this free tutorial.

What To Do Next:

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