May 13

13 May 2019 

Free cake tutorial: Transporting Cakes that are Complex

Transporting cakes, we've all known the stress! If you have ever made a very elaborate cake or a gravity defying cake, you will know that transporting them is a really tricky job. The last thing you want to happen is that days of hard work are ruined due to breaking at the traffic lights on delivery. 

In this week's free tutorial from Pretty Witty Academy, we show you how to safely transport your cakes - especially novelty and gravity defying cakes.  And if you love this, we have several gravity defying cake tutorials and a full tutorial about transportation over at Pretty Witty Academy!

Top Tips for Transporting

  • Don't forget to give your cake a mini seat belt.
  • Remember that air is your best weapon for difficult cakes. 
  • Keep an eye on delicate and weak points. 

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Over on the Pretty Witty Academy site we have nearly 1000 cake tutorials showing you everything from how to cover a cake with sugarpaste to fully advanced gravity defying cakes. We also have a huge business section for those wanting to run a cake business. 

Why not check out some of these amazing gravity defying cakes now you know how to transport them! See more at Pretty Witty Academy.