Jun 20

20 June 2019 

Free Tutorial: Tips for Designing Cakes

This free video tutorial shows you our top tips for designing cakes and achieving designs that really work for your clients. 

If you need a little helping hand, this free tutorial from Pretty Witty Academy guest tutor Trudy Mitchel shows you how. Learn her tips for designing to achieve a stunning cake.

The design of your cakes is such an important aspect of the whole cake. If the cake isn't designed well then the over all outcome will not be as you expect and both you and your client maybe disappointed. Make sure you spend time carefully looking at your clients request, designing and creating the perfect cake for them. 

Top Tips

  • Make sure you plan carefully.
  • Design your cake then look at it with fresh eyes the next day.   
  • Simple is usually better.  

Want to know how to transport your cakes?

Head over to these tutorials to find out the key ways of transporting your cakes safely. 

These should give you fool proof tips for transporting your beautifully designed cakes! Remember, you could spend hours designing, making and perfecting your cake but if it is not transported correctly you could end up with a disaster on your hands. Make sure to watch these free tutorials to ensure that doesn't happen.

You could also head over to Pretty Witty Academy where there are hundreds more tutorials ensuring your cakes are perfect from start to finish.

Over on the Pretty Witty Academy site we have nearly 1000 cake tutorials showing you everything from how to cover a cake with sugarpaste to fully advanced gravity defying cakes. We also have a huge business section for those wanting to run a cake business. 

Why not check out some of these amazing gravity defying cakes now you know how to transport them! See more at Pretty Witty Academy.