Apr 27

27 April 2019 

How to cover a ball shaped cake

A ball shaped cake can always look very daunting to cover, but once you know how, and with a little bit of practice, it's easy! 

In this Pretty Witty Academy tutorial, we take you through a step by step of how to get a perfect sugarpaste finish on your 3D ball shaped cakes.  Check out the video tutorial above to find out more. 

Materials used:

Pastry Brush.  A good quality pastry brush can last a lifetime. We love the PME brush because it doesn't shed its bristles.

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Rolling Pin.  This 20" pin from PME is great quality and won't leave marks like a wooden pin.

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Icing Sugar.  Tate and Lyle is one of our favourite brands of icing sugar.

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Kitchen Roll.  Kitchen roll is so handy in cake decorating, for so many things!

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Sugarpaste.  It is always worth having a stock of Renshaw white sugarpaste in the cupboard!

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Sharp Knife.  A good quality sharp knife will ensure you cut through paste rather than drag it.

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Flexi Smoother.  These are a life saver for ball shape cakes as you can curve the smoother in the shape of the ball.

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  • 3D ball cake already covered in ganache (link below for how to ganache a 3d ball cake)
  • Hot water

Top Tips for covering a ball cake

  • Roll your sugarpaste a bit thicker then you normally would as it will stretch as you cover the ball cake
  • Don't work all on one side when smoothing the sugarpaste, or you will end up with it all bunching together on the other side. You need  to work around the cake evenly and methodically. 
  • Regularly go back to smooth the top to avoid any elephant skin from forming.
  • Lift the fondant out as you go around to prevent pleats forming.
  • As you get to the bottom of the ball start working in an upwards motion so you don't pull the paste down.
  • Before you get to the bottom you can cut some of the excess away, but be careful not to cut it too short!
  • Try to avoid using your fingertips which will mark the cake. Work with a flat hand and the sides of your hands. The warmth from you hands will help to smooth the fondant.

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How to ganache a ball shape cake

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