Apr 14

14 April 2019

How to make a Mini Easter Egg Cupcake Topper

Mini Easter Egg cupcake toppers, how cute!! We love all things Easter here at Pretty Witty Academy, so before you gorge yourself on chocolate why not make some of these cute Mini Easter Egg Cupcake Toppers? Learn with our free tutorial from Pretty Witty Academy how.

This is a great one to do with the kids during the school holidays and they can be left to dry out until you are ready to add them to your cupcakes.

What you will need for your Mini Easter Toppers:

White fondant.  There are lots of different brands of fondant available, but we love Renshaw for projects like this.

Purchase HERE

Rolling Pin.  A small rolling pin such as this one from PME is perfect when working on smaller details.

Purchase HERE

Embossing Rolling Pin.  There are a so many different embossing pins available on the market, we love a floral design like this one.

Purchase HERE

Fluted Circle Cutter.  This set of different sizes is so handy for a range of different projects.

Purchase HERE

Yellow Fondant.  This set of different sizes is so handy for a range of different projects.

Purchase HERE

Small Sharp Knife.  You can use any small knife from your kitchen.

Purchase HERE

Rolling Out Board.  A non stick rolling out board is essential for working with smaller pieces on fondant.

Purchase HERE

Bow Mould.  This bow mould by Kitchen Craft is fantastic because you can create so many different bow shapes.

Purchase HERE

Icing Sugar.  You can use icing sugar to roll out with, or if you prefer cornflour is fine.

Purchase HERE

Edible Glue.  Or you can use water if you prefer

Purchase HERE

Paint Brush.  This set of 5 by PME give you a create selection of shapes and sizes.

Purchase HERE

Green Fondant.  Lincoln Green by Renshaw is the perfect grass green colour.

Purchase HERE

Fondant Extruder.  We love this one by Kitchencraft.

Purchase HERE

Blossom Plunger Cutter.  This set of 3 metals cutters by PME are great quality.

Purchase HERE

Let's talk about embossing rolling pins and mats...

There are so many different options and with the choice between embossing pins, embossing mats/sheets and even embossing stamps. So how do you know which to go for?

Basket Weave Roller
Daisy Roller

Embossing PinsEmbossing pins usually come in a few different lengths and widths and can be really good for small detailed patterns such as polka dots or lace designs. You can also get some lovely basket weave rollers which are great for creating basket weave panelled Easter basket cakes. The pins are often better used on small details rather than on a whole cake unless you panel it. This is because when you come to smooth your cake you can end up smoothing out some of the embossed effect. A few of our favourites are:

  • PME Basket Weave Roller which you can purchase HERE
  • JEM Daisy Roller which you can purchase HERE
Fashion Embossing Mats
Wood Embossing Mats

Embossing Mats.  Embossing mats are really great for getting a pattern on a whole cake. You can cover the whole cake in sugarpaste and then go around the sides with an embossing mat. Just be careful to join up the pattern! Here are a couple of our favourites:

  • Fashion themed embossing sheets. Pack of 5 including; sequins, pearls and  pleats. Which you can buy HERE
  • Wood effect embossing mat. Which you can buy HERE
Lakeland letter stamps
Kitchen Craft letter stamps

Embossing Stamps.  
Embossing stamps are a great way to add small details to cakes or cupcakes. You can even buy the letters of the alphabet so you can create your own messages. This is a great tool if you aren't confident with piping messages, or you just don't have time to cut out individual letters from sugarpaste. Or you can buy stamps of pretty shapes and designs to add detail to your cakes. You can also then add colour to the embossed area with edible paints or dusts. Here are some of our favourites:

  • Lakeland Letter and Number Stamp set. You can buy them HERE
  • Kitchen Craft Letter Stamps. You can buy them HERE 

It's a great idea to try a few different ways of embossing to see which are your favourite methods and designs. A great chance to do this is at the various Cake Shows held all over the world. Where retailers will have a variety of tools for you to try before you buy. 

If you really want to push yourself with the Easter Baking, then why not check out this amazing 3D Easter Egg video tutorial over on the Pretty Witty Academy Site...

3d Easter Egg Cake tutorial at Pretty Witty Academy

Or how about some gorgeous and cute Easter cupcake toppers like these from the Pretty Witty Academy video tutorial below. 

How to you make Easter Cupcake toppers - cake tutorial at Pretty Witty Academy

Or why not make a table centrepiece for your Easter family lunch with a small family size cake and a charcter for each member of the family or each guest.  There is a tutorial showing you how to do this inside Pretty Witty Academy. 

How to make totem pole cakes and easter cakes - tutorial at Pretty Witty Academy

For lots of tutorials showing you how to make fantastic cakes and all the different methods for covering cakes (from sharp edge to share to double barrel cakes), join the Pretty Witty Academy. See our testimonials page where our members call it "the best online cake and cake business school in the world"


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