Apr 20

20 April 2019 

How to Stack and Support a Wonky Tiered Cake

Mad Hatter, Wonky, Topsy Turvy or Defying Gravity?

Whatever you want to call them, tiered wonky cakes are amazing! But it is essential to ensure they are stacked and supported correctly to prevent any accidents from happening. By using a central dowel you have peace of mind that the top tier won't slide off the bottom tier.

In this tutorial from Pretty Witty Academy learn how it is done.

Materials used:

Drill.  Having a drill makes it much easier to get your central dowel into your cake drum.

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Cake Drum.  We love to stock up on the packs of 5.

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Central Dowel.  This is pretty essential for a wonky cake and takes away the stress of it toppling over.

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Cake Card.  2" smaller than your drum. These cake be bought individually or in packs.

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Scissors.  Any kitchen scissors will be perfect.

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Hot Glue Gun.  These are so handy when building structure for cake. This one is very affordable.

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Crank Palette Knife.  We love this one by PME as their quality will last a lifetime!

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Dowels.  You can use plastic or wooden, or you may prefer to use bubble straws.

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Things to remember when trying this at home:

  • The central dowel is so important, so don't be tempted to jump this step. It is worth taking the time to drill all the holes, and by using a hot glue gun it makes the process really speedy as it sets so quickly.
  • It is a good idea to sketch your design out on paper first and have it to hand. That way when you come to stack the cake you can make sure each tier goes on the correct way.

For free tutorials have a look here.

If you want to check out some full length tutorials on wonky tiered cakes then head over the the Pretty Witty Academy:

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