Feb 28

28 February 2019 

Free cake tutorial: How to Transfer a Cake Without Damaging it

In this tutorial, learn how to transfer a cake without damaging it. We have all been there... you have a perfectly iced cake and a perfectly iced board. And somehow you have to get your cake onto your board without damaging either of them! In this tutorial from Pretty Witty Academy's Quick Tips, our tutors show you how it is done.

Materials used

  • Crank palette knife
  • Pre covered cake board
  • Pre covered cake

Top Tips

  • Cover your board a day or two before you want to move your cake onto it, so it has time to dry. This could even be done as far ahead as a couple of weeks. If you are covering it this is early then make sure to keep it dust free by storing it in a cake box. You don't want it to be airtight though, otherwise the icing won't dry out. There is a free tutorial on how to cover a cake board here.
How to cover a cake board free tutorial at Pretty Witty Academy
  • It is also a good idea to cover your cake the day before you want to move it, so the icing can dry out slightly. It is sometimes worth writing out a timeline to plan the work for your cake so you can ensure you have enough time and everything is done in the right order. You can find a free cake decorating timeline here
Free tutorial on cake decorating timelines at Pretty WItty Academy
  • By using a palette knife with a crank handle, it allows you to get that all important release of the cake before you try to move it.
Cranked Palette Knife At Pretty Witty Cakes

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