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13th November 2019 

Collaboration Review: Knights of Cakelot

Collaboration Review: Knights of Cakelot

This incredible collaboration came to our attention with it's amazing cakes and funny play on words. The cakes are stunning with incredible detail and are really well executed. This amazing collaboration is from The Knights of Cakelot, who are all members of The Cake Collective. This collaboration was organised by Vicki du Plessis. 

In this collaboration a group of sugar artists and cake artists have come together to celebrate 50 years of Monty Python. 

The Cake Collective
Collaboration: Sugar Art for AutismCollaboration Review: Knights of Cakelot

The Cake Collective was founded in November 2017 by Vicki du Plessis to make participation in collaborations achievable for everyone. The Cake Collective serves as a hub and community for collaborations to find participants and for sugar artists to find projects to take part in. 

Have a look at our favourites below:

This collaboration is incredible with stunning detail and excellent takes on Monty Python sketches. Have a look at some of our favourites below.

Becky Rodriguez

Becky Rodriguez

Becky Rodrigues - Her Facebook is here

Becky has done a stunning job creating this cake, clearly inspired by the Trojan Rabbit from Monty Python and The Holy Grail. In this sketch, the trojan rabbit is constructed and is meant to be used as a means to sneak into the french castle, but in true Monty Python style, they forget to get in. 

This cake is incredibly well made and the detail is stunning. We love the fine details of the printed shields, the textured "wooden" rabbit and even the crushed pistachios as moss. The textured boarder around the base of the cake represents moss and nature incredibly well and finishes this cake off beautifully. It really is a an amazing cake and the final touches really finish off the cake well. 

Claire Cowburn 

Claire Cowburn

Claire Cowburn - Have a look at her Instagram here

Claire's piece is base on the sketch, "TV is bad for your eyes". Claire is part of C&J catering based in Finland and they make incredible cakes and sweet pastries. 

This cake really is incredible. We were so impressed by the likeness to the actual Monty Python sketch and the detail is really wonderful. We love the bright colours used in this cake and the incredible detail all the way down to the sweater vest, trousers and rug. The modelling work has been really well executed and looks almost life like! It's such an impressive piece and has just been executed so well. The fun nature of the sketch has also been captured excellently. 

Claire Potts - Claire's Sweet Temptations

Daniela Pantaleo

Claire Potts - Have a look at her Website here

Claire is an incredible cake artist based in North Cornwall, North Devon and Marylebone. Her work has been featured in Vogue, Tatler, Vow and Brides magazine and she makes some really incredible cakes, with this one being no exception. 

This cake was inspired by the Monty Python Dead Parrot Sketch and Claire has done such a great job of capturing this sketch in cake form. The detail in this cake is really wonderful, with the feathering on the bird, the quotes around the edge of the board and even the tongue sticking out of the birds mouth, it's an all round joy! The colours are wonderful and really show the feathering on the bird well. Claire has really done well with this cake and we loved it.

Dee Dannat - Dee'licious and D'vine

Dee Dannat - Deelicious and Divine

Dee Dannat - Have a look at her Instagram Page here

Dee is an amazing award winning cake artist. She has won two awards at Cake International and makes some incredibly detailed and beautifully designed cakes. 

This one is wonderful, the way it is stood up on four legs like a television is really clever and the foot sticking out of the cake is so well executed. Dee was inspired to make this cake as it appealed to her sense of humour and she loved the idea of "big foot" appearing in the sky and squishing everything. Well she certainly captured it well, with the detailed painting and modelling, this sketch in cake form is incredible.

Heather Sherman - Art2Eat Cakes

Heather Sherman - Art 2 Eat Cakes

Heather Sherman - Have a look at her Website here

Heather is an incredible cake artist and runs Art2Eat cakes. It has been a long journey for her and she is now making some really wonderful novelty cakes. She is living in Colorado and continues to make great cakes like this one!

This cake is based on the Rabbit of Caerbannogh and this character has been depicted really well in this cake sculpture. Everything from the main cake down to the board has been crafted incredibly and the gravity defying nature of the rabbit really adds to the element of movement in this piece. We also love the expression on the face of this clearly quite distressed knight, Heather has done a really excellent job!

Helenmarie Looker - Helenmaries Cake Boutique

Helenmarie Looker - Helenmaries Cake Boutique

Helenmarie Looker - Have a look at her Instagram Page here

Helenmarie is based in Cambridge, UK and is a trainee demonstrator for the British Sugar Craft Guild and she makes bespoke cakes for all occasions. 

Helenmarie has done some really wonderful and brightly coloured modelling in this piece and we love the details. She is clearly well practiced in the art of modelling and sugar craft and this has been emulated beautifully in this piece for the collaboration.

Her piece is inspired by the "Spanish Inquisition" sketch in an episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus. With "fetch the comfy chair" and "poke her with the soft cushions" being amongst some famous quotes from the episode, Helenmarie has taken these quotes and represented them incredibly well in modelling. 

Jean A Schapowal - Cakes with Character

Jean A Schapowal

Jean A Schapowal - Have a look at her Website here

Jean is another incredibly talented cake artist based in New York. She makes some really wonderful bespoke cakes and this is no exception. This cake is inspired by The Black Knight from Monty Python's, The Holy Grail "Its just a flesh wound". She chose it because it is one of her most loved sketches and she has captured it beautifully. 

The detail in this cake is really stunning and the metallic air brushing technique has been completed to an incredible standard, showcasing the helmet really well. The detail of the decapitated arm is also amazing and captures the character in the sketch really excellently. Jean has done a wonderful job! 

Judy Reimer - IncrEDIBLE Addiction

Judy Reimer - Incredible Addiction

Judy Reimer - Have a look at her Facebook Page here

Judy is a cake artist from IncrEDIBLE Addiction and makes bespoke cakes individually tailored to each customer. She is really talented and her talent is showcased incredibly well in this piece for the Knights of Cakelot collaboration.

Judy has based her cake design on Monty Python and the Holy Grail quotes. She loves the silliness of the quotes and therefore wanted to showcase them in this incredible cake. This cake is really well made and depicts Monty Python so well. The quotes have been displayed excellently and add another dimension to this cake. We love the way the cup has been created and the detail in the cloud like base really sets the whole cake off. This one really is an amazing creation!

Karen Fraser Clay - Kasserina

Karen Fraser Clay - Kasserina

Karen Fraser Klay - Have a look at her Instagram Page here

Karen is a bespoke cake designer in Sussex, UK. Having originally worked as camera crew, Karen now owns her bespoke cakes business - Kasserina Cakes and has been running it since 2015.

This piece is based on a cartoon character Terry Gilliam created for The Holy Grail. We loved how fun and cartoon-like this cake was and the technique and design is incredible. The modelling has been executed really well and it depicts the character perfectly. We were so impressed by the modelling technique in this cake, and that combined with the airbrushing and painting to create depth and shadows, the whole piece is really impressive. 

Kumiko Marakami 

Kumiko Marakami

Kumiko Marakami - Her Facebook page is here

Kumiko has done a really incredible job on this cake, the expression is captured so well and the painting has been executed brilliantly. 

This cake has been based on spiny Norman, the giant hedgehog from flying circus. This cake is so cleverly done and really captures the evil nature of this hedgehog with the expression in the eyes and incredible painting. We love that the board was used so creatively in this piece, acting as a back drop and again it's painted exquisitely, it captures the scenery so well. Kumiko has done a really incredible job with this cake!

Lesley Marshall

Lesley Marshall

Lesley Marshall - Have a look at her website here

Lesley is a multi award winning cake artist based in Taunton. Originally a brother and sister team, she is now flying solo and makes bespoke cakes serving the South West of England. 

She chose Gumby because she liked the animated design “my brain hurts” which is one of their most popular sayings. This is an incredibly well done cake. The structure and the way it holds itself while depicting the nature of the character is really incredible. The painting and airbrushing techniques used on this cake really bring it to life and Lesley's artistic flair is prominent in this cake. We love how accurately this piece reflects the iconic character and were so impressed by how well made this cake was!

Sharon Siriwardena - Creative Explosion Cakes

Sharon Siriwardena - Creative Explosion Cakes

Sharon Siriwardena - Have a look at her Facebook Page here

Sharon is an incredibly talented cake artist and she loves to create realistic busts, as is clear in this piece. She is a hobby baker and tends to only bake for collaborations and magazines.

Sharon chose to make John Cleese as she found him inspiring to create. She clearly has a unique talent for busts as she has made this piece so lifelike and so clearly John Cleese, picking up his characteristics impeccably. The detail in the shape of the face combined with the eyes and skin, makes this piece really stand out as being an incredible piece of edible art. It's so impressive to make a life like bust and one that is so instantly recognisable is a talent in itself.

Sue Wainwright - Escaped to Sugarland

Sue Wainwright - Escaped to Sugarland

Sue Wainwright - Have a look at her Facebook Page here

Sue is a specialist in bespoke sugar flowers and figures, she won a gold award at Cake International in 2018 and it is clear from her piece that this will have been really well deserved. 

This piece was inspired by the Lumberjack sketch and is a very accurate depiction of the character! The textures and details in the clothes are really well done, even down to the board which has been covered to look like grass beautifully. The model has been executed brilliantly and the painted details in the face have really captured this character well. Sue has done a really excellent job with this model and should be so proud of her work.

Vicki du Plessis - Tiki's Bake House

Vicki du Plessis - Tiki's Bake House

Vicki du Plessis - Have a look at her Facebook Page here

Vicki is a hobby baker but still makes the most stunning bakes with this one being an excellent example.

She has taken inspiration from  Monty Python and the Holy Grail where King Arthur and his knights face the dreaded Rabbit of Caerbannog. This is one of her favourite moments and so she decided to make it into cake! We were really impressed by this cake with the detail in the chain mail and the way the overlaid tunic has a sense of movement. The modelling of the face and expressions shown through the arms and stance have also been made incredibly well. This piece is really wonderful and we were so impressed by it!

Victoria Forward - Vicci Sponge

Victoria Forward - Vicci Sponge

Victoria Forward - Have a look at her Facebook Page here

Victoria is a cake artist with 10 years experience producing custom cakes from her home in Buckinghamshire. Training in both the UK and Australia, she is a well versed cake artist and has made some really stunning cakes.

This cake is based on "The Meaning of Life" Monty Python sketch. She has done a really wonderful job with this piece and has made the models so incredibly well. The colours are amazingly done and the airbrushing technique she has used really set off this piece. We love how she's captured each individual face and character on each fish as it adds to the life and character of her creation. Well done Victoria, we loved it!

This collaboration was amazing!

This collaboration was incredible, the takes on the sketches were so clever and we loved looking at all the amazing cakes and models! 

A special mention goes to Vicki for organising this incredible collaboration. The idea is wonderful and we just loved seeing all the creations. She runs The Cake Collective and has even more amazing collaborations which you can have a look at here. 

You can have a look at the full Knights of Cakelot collaboration by going to their:

  • Facebook Page here. 
  • The artists pages are also featured throughout the blog.

You can also have a look at The Cake Collective collaborations page here.

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