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16th October 2019 

Collaboration Review: Sugar Art for Autism

Collaboration: Sugar Art for Autism

This collaboration really caught our eye when we were having a look around the cake world. It is poignant and really stunning. This collaboration is from Sugar Art for Autism​​, organised by Dina Nakad, Suzy Khalaf and Samantha Emmerson.

In the collaboration sugar Artists from 21 countries use their talent to shatter misconceptions surrounding Autism and bring about awareness.

Collaboration: Sugar Art for Autism

Sugar Art for Autism is a group of artists from all corners of the globe and all levels of expertise working to create a heartfelt and meaningful collection of edible art to promote Autism Awareness.  

This year they proudly partnered with the fashion designer/artist Andolsek to create an exclusive collection of edible art based solely on his designs and art. Andolsek’s social initiative entails fostering the creative abilities of people with autism. Founded by Michael Ryan Andolsek, a person with autism, the company keeps the struggles and strengths of those on the spectrum at the forefront of their minds.

The pieces are incredible and awe inspiring, from those that were based on Andolsek’s fashion designs to those inspired by his art. 

Have a look at our favourites below:

This collaboration is truly inspiring and we loved finding out more about it. We found it very hard to pick a favourite but have taken a few to show you. Have a look at some of the stunning creations below. 

Ana Piecek - Red Polka Dot Designs

Ana Piecek Inspiration
Ana Piecek

Ana Piecek - Have a look at her Facebook Page here

Ana is based in Australia and just does cakes as a hobby! She describes herself as "channeling her inner zen through cakes" and she clearly does an amazing job. She does some incredible modelling work and has recently starting working with sugar flowers. 

This cake is an elegant beauty! The draping of the sugar paste is exquisite paired with the gold and red flowers and topped with its regal crown. We love the height of the tiers as it gives it such a grand look and makes the cake so bold and stunning. It is so evidently inspired by the design on the left and is an excellent portrayal of Andolsek's designs in a tiered cake.  

Catalina Anghel - Catalina Anghel Azurcar'arte

Kate and WilCatalina Anghel - Inspirationls
Catalina Anghel - Catalina Anghel Azurcar'arte

Catalina Anghel - Have a look at her Website here

Catalina is based in Valencia, Spain and makes some incredible art modelled with flower paste. She is a guest tutor at Pretty Witty Academy, often specialising in sugar flower tutorials and does an incredible job of making them look so realistic and elegant, a wonderful tutor who we love to learn from.

Catalina  has done a stunning job with this bold black and red cake. The sharp edges are amazing and the decorative flowers really impressive, some very intricate sugar work! The height of the flowers really adds to the grandeur of the cake and the way they are positioned makes this cake really bold. It is one we just had to include in this post. This cake is really striking and we were blown away by it, well done Catalina.

Daniela Pantaleo - It's a Cake Thing

Donald Trump anDaniela Pantaleo Inspiration
Daniela Pantaleo

Daniela Pantaleo - Have a look at her Instagram Page here

Daniela is an incredible cake artist based in Canada, she creates stunning designs and custom cakes, working from her studio in Ontario.

This cake is so bright and fun! It is so clearly inspired by the artwork on the left. The colours are beautiful, paired with the gold stencilling and sugar flowers, it is nothing short of stunning. The gold stencilling that runs through the tiers has been executed incredibly well and helps to blend the whole cake together.

We love the accented second tier with its overlaid stripes and bold colours. The detail in the sugar flowers are incredible and they have been made with such careful attention. An amazing collection of techniques creating a beautiful cake. 

Dina Nakad - Miettes

Dina Nakad Inspiration
Dina Nakad

Dina Nakad - Have a look at her Instagram Page here

Dina is one of the organisers of this collaboration and has done an incredible job with it. Dina is a self-taught cake artist, she has had experience working with children on the autism spectrum as she volunteered in a special needs school in the USA. 

This is a very contrasting and pure cake. It is stunning with its white elegance and detailed beading. Dina has used two tiers and then added the model on top, this adds to the height and grandeur of the cake which makes it so eye-catchingly beautiful. The modelling on top is also incredible and the detailing in the dress is wonderful. Dina has really done well at capturing Andolsek's design and conveyed it beautifully in cake form. This is a truly stunning cake. 

Djamila Tahar - DT Cakes by Djamila Tahar

Djamila Tahar Inspiration
Djamila Tahar

Djamila Tahar - Have a look at her Facebook Page here

Djamila is a pastry chef and cake designer based in Marseille. She makes some incredible cakes and this one is no exception.

Djamila has made such an interesting and well designed cake with a stunning geometric pattern and textured bottom tier. The pattern is so neatly done, it is intricate and the design has been added beautifully.

The spacers in between the tiers really help to add height to the cake and paired with the sugar flowers, this cake is exquisite. The sugar flower adorning the top tier is incredible and adds a soft element to this cake with its sharp edges and pattern, a beautifully added contrast that gives this cake another dimension. The bottom tier with its textured covering is a welcome extra technique and texture which really makes this cake stand out from the crowd. 

Eliana Morales - Chiki New York

Eliana Morales Inspiration
Eliana Morales

Eliana Morales - Have a look at her Facebook Page here

Eliana is an incredible cake artist who has won multiple awards for her work.

Eliana has made a really wonderful cake with impressive sharp edges and such bright and bold colours which really reflect her inspiration well.  The sugar flowers gracefully adorning the side of the cake make this cake really stand out and the colours are just incredible. We love that Eliana has made different types of flowers and the volume of them and detail in each one is just incredible.

The heart and jigsaw pieces are a really wonderful added detail and add a touch of extra detail that finishes the cake off really nicely. The positioning of the tiers on this cake is a really inspirational way of doing a cake that defies the conventional tiered cake. Eliana has done a really amazing job with this cake and has done Andolsek's art work proud.

Enrique Rojas - Have Some Cake UK

Enrique Rojas Inspiration
Enrique Rojas

Enrique Rojas - Have a look at his Instagram Page here

Enrique's is an incredibly talented cake artist based in Birmingham, UK. He has won awards for his creations and his sugar flowers never fail to blow us away.

This cake is an amazing geometric piece, complete with wonderful colours which reflect Enriwue's inspiration and Andolsek's art work so well. The double barrelled base works incredibly well making the cake bold and eye catching, the shards as a top layer on the main cake are really effective and tie in with the sharp edges and neat lines created by all the little pieces that add up to make this cake.

The number of pieces involved in this cake is hard to fathom, we were so impressed. Enrique's technique of layering the pieces and his overall design has been so well done and is an incredibly neat and clean cake which is so hard to achieve. 

Karinne Lemonnier - Le Monnier du Biscuit

Karinne Lemonnier Inspiration
Karinne Lemonnier

Karinne Lemonnier - Have a look at her Instagram Page here

Karinne is from Quebec, Canada and makes incredible iced cookies as we can see from this stunning creation. 

Another slightly different bake and instead of a cake we have a beautifully iced biscuit. The detail is remarkable and is a perfect representation of her inspiration.

She has really reflected Andolsek's art work will and captured it beautifully in edible form. We love the bright colours and almost 'stitched' effect of the icing adding a three dimensional layer. This is a technique that is so hard to perfect and we were so impressed by it . Karinne has really done well and made a truly wonderful iced biscuit.

Khamphet Che Bui - Sweet Side of Cakes

Khamphet Che Bui Inspiration
Khamphet Che Bui

Kamphet Che Bui - Have a look at her Facebook Page here

Kamphet is a cake artist who first got into making cakes by making her sons 3rd birthday cake, she then got into cakes from there. 

Kamphet's cake has some wonderful and powerful blue hues in it. The gradient effect of a strong royal blue at the base to a paler blue works really well and the stripe running through the tiers ties it together beautifully. We also love the hand crafted sugar flowers that reflect her inspiration wonderfully, paired with the sharp edges of the cake this works so well with soft and sharp elements.

An example of a clean and minimalist cake that has been made to perfection. She has clearly been so inspired by the outfit on the left and the cake is an incredible representation of it.

Lisa Elliott - Lisa Jayne Cakes "Cake My Day"

Lisa Elliott Inspiration
Lisa Elliott

Lisa Elliott - Have a look at her Facebook Page here

Lisa is one of our tutors at Pretty Witty Academy and is an absolute pleasure to work with. She makes some wonderful cakes and tutorials for the academy and they are always incredibly well received.  She is based in Blackpool, UK and makes and sells her custom cakes and has also won a gold award at Cake International.

Lisa has a really artistic flair and her creative nature is displayed so well in this cake. It is such an interesting and beautifully thought out design, it is like nothing we've seen before, we were so impressed by Lisa's imagination and creativity when making this cake.

The colours are stunning and the layering of different hues and shades works so well. Each individual circle is so neatly and carefully placed, this cake has clearly been thoroughly thought through. We loved the central tree that has been modelled and it works as an amazing centre piece to really wow. She has designed this cake incredibly well and it is another piece that reflects her inspiration beautifully.

Linasari Sunyoto - Sweetlin

Lynasari Sunyoto Inspiration
Lynasari Sunyoto

Lin Sunyoto - Have a look at her Instagram Page here

Lin is another of out tutors at Pretty Witty Academy and she does some really wonderful tutorials for us. Her modelling ability is amazing and she makes really vibrant and well designed cakes. 

Lin has made something incredible effective in this cake. The shapes are so unusual and really draw your eye, combined with the detailing and colours we were so impressed by this two tiered cake. The patterns on each of the panels is unique and really adds a wow factor to this cake. It is incredible and how she has combined colours and patterns so well. 

The navy sugar roses are also a really stunning element that gives the cake a striking nature. The yellow in the top tier is an excellent representation of her inspiration and the beading and pearls are really beautifully done. A wonderful cake from a wonderful guest tutor.

Nathalie Muller Kunzig - Designer-Cakes & Sugarart by Nathalie

Nathalie Muller Kunzig Inspiration
Nathalie Muller Kunzig

Nathalie Muller Kunzig - Have a look at her Instagram Page here

Nathalie is an incredible cake designer who uses her cake skills to sell custom cakes and raises money for children's charities as she does so, now that is something we were so impressed by.

This cake is stunning and even defies gravity! It is such a strong design using black sugar paste as the base and two amazing sugar flowers in striking yellow and pink. Nathalie ahas clearly put a lot of thought into this cake from the overall design right down to the design on the board which really ties the whole cake together.

This cake is really impressive and quite striking. The pops of colour work so well and the black sugar paste makes almost a silhouette effect which is really cleverly done. It reflects the inspiration so well and is really a work of art.

Nathasja Flapper - Next Level Cakes

Nathasja Flapper Inspiration
Nathasja Flapper

Nathasja Flapper - Have a look at her Facebook Page here

Nathasja is a cake artist based in the Netherlands, she makes really realistic and well designed cakes and often makes some incredible animals like this one.

This cake is really different to others we've seen, yet it is still really stunning with it's amazingly modelled swan gracing the top of the cake. The swan has been executed incredibly well and is so realistically shaped, reflecting that of a real swan. This cake was so eye catching and was one of our favourites in the whole collection.

The colours are fascinating and the way the feathers have been painted really draw the eye and make for an eye catching cake. She has really reflected Andolsek's art work well and has even carried the painting and colours right through to the board. We were so impressed by this entry from Natasja.

Pamela McCaffrey - Pamela McCaffrey Made with Love

Pamela McCaffrey Inspiration
Pamela McCaffrey

Pamela McCaffrey - Have a look at her Facebook Page here

Pamela is a cake designer based in Hampshire having grown up in London and Austria (for a short time) and really makes some incredible cakes. She is entirely self taught  and comes from an artistic background in costume and design.

Pamela has made a really wonderful cake, it is a design like we have never seen before and it so contemporary and geometric, we love it! The flowers are modelled really well and have been cleverly designed being placed almost in frames which showcase the sugar work beautifully. The sharp edges and clean design work so effectively as a whole cake display. Another excellent entry in this collaboration.

Rose Brown - Shiny Ball Cakes & Creations

Rose Brown Inspiration
Rose Brown

Rose Brown - Have a look at her Instagram Page here

Rose is an artist and has tried her hand at a range of artistic techniques. She then had a go at cakes and was hooked so started her cake business in 2016 and blog in 2017.

We thought this cake was incredibly impressive, it is so different to many other cakes and is a really amazing take on the "topsy turvy" cake. It's so interesting the way it seemingly defies gravity and is covered in curls and details leading up to a sugar rose. The curls are made beautifully and must have taken hours to make and place carefully on this cake. The effort was so well worth it as the overall design is stunning. It's another stunning piece with amazing use of colour and wonderful design, it is something to be really proud of.

Shannon Bond - Shannon Bond Cake Design

Shannon Bond Inspiration
Shannon Bond

Shannon Bond - Have a look at her Facebook Page here

Shannon is a cake artist based in Kansas, she is incredibly talented and makes custom cakes serving Kansas and the surrounding area. 

This cake is graceful and elegant and one that we couldn't miss. The double barrelled tiers and layered detailed lacing, add a uniqueness to this cake that just can't be missed. The draped lacing across the top tier also compliments the bottom tier beautifully and completes the cake beautifully.

The single sugar flower on the top tier is really wonderful and completes the cake beautifully, she has gone for simplicity by just having a single well made flower and this has worked really well. It is such a clean cake and this pop of colour from the leaves works so well.

Tanya Halas - Cake Heart

Tanya Halas Inspiration
Tanya Halas

Tanya Halas - Have a look at her Facebook Page here

Tanya makes custom cakes and cupcakes and is based in Canada. 

This cake from Tanya wowed us. Tanya saw the tulle fabric and knew it could be translated into cake and she was not wrong, she has reflected Andolsek's work beautifully. The sugar flowers have been made really well with so many layers and the combination of techniques and colours make this a stunning cake. The dots are so uniform and showcase her inspiration really well. This cake with its different heights is one that really stands out.

Suzy Khalaf - Slice of Sweet Art

Tanya Halas Inspiration
Tanya Halas

Suzy Khalaf - Have a look at her Instagram Page here

Suzy is another of the organisers of this incredible collaboration is part of a sister pair who are cake artists based in New York. Their business started from a dare to make a character cake and they found a love for fondant and buttercream from there.

Suzy's cake is just beautiful with the bold read and double layered fondant giving the cake movement and showcasing Andolsek's design incredibly well. The sugar rose on top is incredibly well made and the shimmer gives the cake another dimension and quality. 

We also love the beading like the necklace in the left and their careful placing is beautifully done. Another array of colours which is captured in this cake and has been beautifully executed and designed. 

We loved this collaboration...

This collaboration was truly inspiring, from Andolsek's designs to the incredible cakes it really was amazing and we hope you loved it to.

A special mention goes to Dina, Suzy and Samantha for organising this wonderful collaboration raising awareness of autism. They have taken the incredibly close knit cake community and used it as a force for good which we just loved. Well done to all the organisers,  it was stunning. ​

You can have a look at the full collaboration on the Sugar Art for Autism by going to their:

  • Facebook Page here. 
  • Instagram Page here.
  • The artists pages are also featured throughout the blog.

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