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11th December 2019 

Baking without Eggs 

So your egg free friend has asked you to make an eggless sponge. 

Your heart sinks a bit as you think, "no, it's just not possible" and you frantically try and think of something that you can make without eggs. 

Well don't struggle alone! We understand, baking without eggs can seem like an impossible task. But, in this post from Pretty Witty Academy we debunk this myth and give you the perfect recipe for an eggless sponge as well as some information on eggs allowing you to use substitutes that can live up to the humble egg's reputation.

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So many people choose not to bake with eggs and this could be due to an allergy, moral and/or ethical decision or simply a dietary need. Baking without eggs may seem tricky as most recipes for a light and fluffy sponge call for a careful balance of eggs, butter, flour and sugar with very little wriggle room. With many people changing their diets it is important to keep up with the times and have a look at creating recipes that don't have eggs in. 

Baking without eggs? "Impossible!" we hear you say.

Well nope! This is actually a lot easier than you think and we'll explain why below.

Before we start, what do eggs actually do?

Eggs are seen to be a vital ingredient in cakes, an essential for baking that just can't be missed out. Traditionally yes, but you can actually make a really nice, light and fluffy sponge without the need for eggs. You just need something that will replace what they do. 

Eggs are essentially protein, fat and water.  

  • The protein (found in the egg whites) helps to bind the ingredients, creating a structure and helping to hold the leavened cake. 
  • The fat (found in the yolk) adds colour and flavour while also acting as a shortener that tenderises gluten, creating a soft crumb.
  • The water helps to add moisture to the cake with the white containing most of the water and yolk containing less. This is why in cookies you often see a recipe calling for one egg and one egg yolk, this reduces the water content and makes for a denser and richer cookie. 

A significant property of eggs that makes them perfect for baking is the fact that they help to leaven the cake. As the eggs are added to a cake mixture, air is incorporated. This air expands when in contact with heat, i.e. in the oven and as it does so it allows the cake to rise. The eggs are therefore a great help in leavening a cake. This is particularly true in flourless sponges, but that's a whole other ball game.

So how on earth do we replace the many properties of eggs?

Here are some egg substitutes:

There are so many substitutes for eggs including "flax eggs" (ground flax seeds mixed with water and left to create a jelly like mixture), bananas, applesauce, vegetable oil, full fat milk, buttermilk and yoghurt. 

The Recipe

This is one of our favourite recipes - it is a really light and fluffy eggless cake. Lather with lashings of cream and jam and you have a quick cake for an afternoon tea. 

In this recipe we use full fat milk and bicarbonate of soda. The lactic acid in the milk reacts with the bicarb and creates air, this (as with eggs) expands when put into the oven creating a beautiful rise on the cake. The milk is also a protein which helps the cake to hold its shape, similarly to the egg.

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Why not try your hand at eggless baking? Give this recipe a go and let us know how you got on! You can comment on this post and show us all your amazing bakes. So, what are you waiting for?!

We hope you love making this cake!

As this cake has cream, it needs to be eaten with 24 to 36 hours of making. If the cake lasts that long that is ;).

Store in a cake tin or tin foil.

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