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27 April 2019

New Cake Books - Designer Cake Decorating - Book review

Designer Cake Decorating Book Review

Over at the Pretty Witty Academy we were delighted to be sent an advanced copy of the latest cake book, Designer Cake Decorating published by B Dutton Publishing (Squires) recently, to give them our feedback on what it is like. And whoooaaa! This is a beautiful book... Featuring some of the hottest names in cake decorating, this book is modern, fun and full of vital cake information.

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In case you are thinking of buying this book, here is what we thought:


Designer Cake Decorating
  • Ease of reading: 5 stars *****

Wow is this book a page turner or what? The team at Pretty Witty Academy were torn between wanting to study the beautiful design and see how they did it, to flicking through all the pages to see what else is in store for us!

  • Cake Designs

The designs are split into 5 sections:

  1. Contemporary Couture
  2. Feature Foliage
  3. Geometric
  4. Illustrated,  and
  5. In Bloom.

As well as a comprehensive equipment guide featuring products from a range of manufacturers, cake decorating foundations such as lining a tin as well as 11 cake recipes, additional icing recipes and a whole load more information that I can’t even fit into this review! Ultimately it is a cake bible, featuring a step by step guide to create 25 stunning designs.

Each cake design is carefully thought out with the Feature Foliage and Geometric categories being bang on trend for 2019 and 2020 weddings. Due to the fact that this book has so much information I have picked a few of my favourite cakes to showcase.

  • Tutors

It is so great to see some of the Pretty Witty Academy tutors in this book. I am sure you already love some of our tutorials by Trudy Mitchell, Dominique Pickering  and Makiko Searle, but how wonderful to see them in print. There are also some other wonderful cake artists featured such as Emily Hankins and Natasha Collins (who used to teach face to face classes at Pretty Witty Cakes back in the day), to name drop only a few!

  • Worth buying: A big YES

Our favourite cakes from the book

Boho Love by Trudy Mitchell is a classic 3 tier white wedding cake with a modern twist. Featuring macrame hoops, handmade lettering and wired arrangements that feature more than just flowers. You learn how to make 5 different flowers including Ranunculus and Dog Rose, as well as pine cones, feathers, berries, arrows, leaves and wired grass. You are shown how to use an extruder to create the macrame and there is a very handy timeline to explain when each step should be completed in the run up to the event and the cake being assembled.

Trudy is a tutor at Pretty Witty Academy  who specialises in stunning wedding cakes and detailed tiered birthday cakes.  She is also a member of the Academy so you can ask her questions in the forums.  Here are just a few of her tutorials below...

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English Meadow by Maikiko Searle... shows an incredible use of technique with airbrushing on all of the tiers and a ring of sugar flowers perfectly fitting for the green and white wedding theme so many couples are choosing. But the most interesting part is the use of flexi ice for the meadow effect around each tier. Where so many would turn to hand painting or airbrushing, the flexi ice give a 3d, but delicate feel to the cake and is perfect even for those not so confident in their piping skills as you don’t have to pipe directly onto the cake.

Maikiko is a tutor at Pretty Witty Academy who creates delicate works of art.  She is also a member of the Academy so you can ask her questions in the forums.  Here are just a couple of her tutorials below…

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Silver polka dots by Emily Hankins….really caught my eye when flicking through the book for the first time. The clever use of edible silver leaf polka dots with delicate hand painting over the top makes for a striking yet classical design. This design would lend itself well to being centre stage at a country wedding in a barn or village hall, but it would also work well being adapted for a 60th birthday party, or even an anniversary event. I love the colours chosen for the design, but it would work so well in other tones to meet your couples colour palette. I would love to see it in a soft sage green or perhaps a pale lemon.

Throughout the book you have handy designer tips and finishing touches as well as an excellent templates section at the back. With the calibre of artists featured in this book and the fact that it is another wonderful creation from the Squires brand, you know it’s a good buy.

Where can I buy it?

Designer Cake Decorating.  

Purchase HERE

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