Oct 13

October 2019

Who is the Member of the Month in September 2019?

Member of the Month at Pretty Witty Academy

The September Winner at Pretty Witty Academy... 

Each month at Pretty Witty Academy, we have a Member of the Month award. 

This is a Pretty Witty Academy Trophy that goes direct to that member! 

This award is given to a member in Pretty Witty Academy who has been a wonderful asset and contributor to community life in the forum. That is the main basis for the award.  Someone who has offered advice and support, answered questions and also shown progress in their own journey. We love to see so much support and encouragement for each other in the forums, everyone is so kind in offering advice to other cakers and help with anything they ask about. It is a great place to be!

The Member of the Month Award for September 2019 winning herself the trophy is Pretty Witty Academy member...

You will have to watch the video and see...

Huge congratulations to our winners this month! 

Don't forget to checkout the forums as an Academy member and feel free to ask, answer, chat and have fun with other like minded members. You'll find so much support and advice in the forums!

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Inside the Pretty Witty Academy, there are nearly 1000 different cake tutorials including almost every style imaginable for cake making. Tutorials range from cupcakes to wedding cake recipes to business tutorials and everything in between.