12 Essential Elements to a Sales Page


Sep 24

24 September 2019

12 Essential Elements to a Sales Page

In episode 45 of the Suzi Witt Show, I talk about the 12 essential elements you need for your sales page. 

Listen in to discover the 12 elements that are essential for any sales page. How should you put one together? What should be on it?  Is there a formula that works? Who is going to read it? These are all questions that I guessed asked all the time and in this podcast I am going to give you all my tips and advice for your sales page. 

It can be so easy to focus on design but if the fundamentals aren't right then you'll be missing a lot of sales. Listen to my podcast to find out how to gain maximum sales from your page.

The download that I mention in the podcast is FREE and you can get your copy HERE​​​

Episode Summary:

  • Learn the 12 essentials that are needed when building your sales page.
  •  Find out why a beautifully designed page should be paired with good sales technique and practice to have an effect on sales.
  • Understand what a sales page is and what can make a page fail if certain elements are not included.
  • Discover what so many websites miss and learn from my experience of making a sales page.
  • Learn how to make the best sales page that should bring you much more traffic and sales to really boost your business. 

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