5 Changes to Make Your Website Better


Jan 29

29 January 2019

5 quick and easy things you can do to make your website better. The Suzi Witt Show Podcast

In episode 12 of the Suzi Witt Show, I am talking about 5 quick and easy steps you can take to make your website better. 

For any small business, admin and website tech can be endlessly pushed off as something that will just take weeks to sort out.  And then, it ultimately never gets done and you end up with a website which is out of date and driving away customers instead of attracting them.  

Listen in to find out my top 5 changes you can make to your website which can easily be achieved in just a couple of days at next to no cost.  These are all changes that YOU should be able to do as they are simple changes that don't really need a web designer.

Episode Summary:

  • Find out what what page is looked at all the time and how you have probably put the least effort into this page. 
  • Understand more about the way your customer views your website and why that will alter the way you draft things on certain pages.
  • Podcast
    Find out what you have probably not put on your website or have put on and underused and change it quickly for an immediately better website.
  • Podcast
    Understand why I think there is really only one thing that you should spend money on when building a website (clue - it is not a website designer!).
  • Understand more about why my website has a tag line "For people who want more than 'How to' guides" and why I use that.

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