8 Tips to Handle Criticism in Your Business

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Jan 08

8 January 2019

8 tips to handle criticism in your business

In episode 9 of the Suzi Witt Show, I am talking about those people....the haters and the ones who criticise you and make you feel small.  I am also talking about the real complaints and justified criticisms you might get and distinguishing between the two. 

Having effective methods and techniques to handle criticism can make a huge difference to your happiness within your business. Because, one thing is certain...you will always have at least one criticiser.  Either the person who is insanely jealous of your success OR the person who you have let down somehow. 

Listen in to find out how I manage criticism and the haters.

Episode Summary:

  • Find out what one lady said that nearly made Suzi close her former business. 
  • Understand why you will always have someone who doesn't like you and why that doesn't matter in the slightest.
  • Podcast
    Learn the 8 things that Suzi does to help prepare herself to manage criticism.
  • Podcast
    Learn the importance of building your own tribe and serving them to your absolute best ability.
  • Listen to why Suzi believes kindness is more inportant than retaliation when someone is unkind to her. 

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