How to Get Past the Fear of Being Judged


Sep 10

10 September 2019

How to Get Past the Fear of Being Judged

In episode 43 of the Suzi Witt Show, I am talking about how to get past the fear of being judged. 

Listen in to discover my 5 tips for getting over the fear of being judged. In this podcast, I share with you how to stop playing yourself down, how to recognise the fear and know exactly how to deal with it.

You can learn 5 strategies to put in place that will help you shake this fear so you and your business can thrive. You can also get a free download to go with this podcast.

The download that I mention in the podcast is FREE and you can get your copy HERE​​​.

Episode Summary:

  • Learn 5 strategies to help you shake the fear of being judged so you and your business can succeed
  • Find out how you could be underplaying yourself due to your fear of being judged
  • Understand how your fear matrix can hinder you and stop you from doing things that you can and should be doing
  • Discover how to change your mindset and implement steps into your life that will take away the fear
  • Completely shake the fear of being judged and let your business blossom

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