How to Make More Money by Doing Less


Nov 19

19 November 2019

How to Make More Money by Doing Less

In episode 53 of the Suzi Witt Show, I am talking about doing less and how that is a whole lot better for your business than working silly hours. Can you make more money by doing less?

In this episode I will talk about not working, about taking time off and spending it with friends and family. It is this not working time for entrepreneurs that can be game changing for your business. Listen in to find out why.

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Episode Summary:

  • Learn about how you can make more money by doing less. 
  • Discover why taking time off can be game changing for your business as an entrepreneur.
  • Understand the difference between your perfectionist side and your visionary side.
  • Learn from my experiences of taking time off and how they have improved my business.  
  • Tune in to learn how taking time off can improve your business and why. 

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