Free Tutorial: How to Raise your Prices?


May 14

14 May 2019

How to raise your prices: podcast from Suzi Witt

In episode 26 of the Suzi Witt Show, I am talking about the really difficult topic of just how do you raise your prices in your business without losing all your customers?

SO MANY small businesses fear a price rise will end their business overnight. The problem  with this (often irrational) fear is that it can trap you into never raising your prices. 

Listen in to find out how you get out of this hole if you are in it.

Episode Summary:

  • Find out what mistakes you probably made setting your prices and how you change them.      
  • Listen to some advice from someone who has been there explaining how to successfully raise your prices with tried and tested methods.    
  • Learn about new methods you can use in your business to make your price rise more acceptable to your receiving customer.    
  • Learn what you need to stop doing right now.  
  • Follow a step by step plan to raise your prices.   

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