How to Set Goals that You Actually Achieve


Jan 01

1 January 2019

How to set goals that you actually achieve - The Suzi Witt Show podcast for women in business

In episode 8 of the Suzi Witt Show, we are setting up the new year the right way with my tried and tested methods to setting goals and new year's resolutions that you actually achieve. 

Many people don't bother to set goals for fear of failing. Or, they set them and then fail because they are relying on will power alone. 

There is a much better way to achieve your goals and I talk about how I do it, how I manage to set huge goals and then ensure I achieve them (even when they are super difficult like teaching myself how to build websites, how to podcast, how to film and so on).  Listen in and get your new year off to a flying start.

Episode Summary:

  • Learn Suzi's secret method to setting goals that she actually achieves. It is beautifully simple but it works every time.
  • Understand why accountability is so vital to a successful business.
  • Podcast
    Learn why Suzi thinks 'will power' is one of the most useless human characteristics and why she never relies on it.
  • Podcast
    Follow the 3 steps Suzi recommends to achieve your goals.
  • Bolster your 3 steps with 3 bonus things you can do to make your goal setting as strong as it can be.

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