What to do when Your Customer says “How Much?!”


Jan 15

15 January 2019

The Suzi Witt Show Podcast on dealing with customers who reply that your prices are too expensive

In episode 10 of the Suzi Witt Show, I am talking about customers who respond "HOW much?" or "It's too expensive" to your quotes. 

This is a common problem in the cake industry and it can lead to a vicious circle of price decreasing which only ends with you going bust and losing confidence.

Having effective methods and clear processes of how you will deal with such comments means you are better prepared and can then better handle these tough customers. 

Listen in to find out how I manage the comments "HOW much" or "It's too expensive".

Episode Summary:

  • Find out the number one thing you have to always remember when someone comments that your prices are too expensive. 
  • Understand the difference between reactive and pro-active businesses when it comes to dealing with price comments.
  • Podcast
    Find out 4 potential responses and why 2 of them are things you should NEVER do yet you probably do every time.
  • Podcast
    Understand the value of feedback and why this is such an important thing to request.
  • Learn how you can use price comparison to help explain to your customer's that prices are not expensive when viewed objectively. 

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