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15th January 2019 

Collaboration Review: The Incredible Indian Welcome

Collaboration Review: The Incredible Indian Welcome

We welcomed by this amazing collaboration as we entered Cake International in November and were truly blown away. The display was just incredible and a great way to kick off the show. This display was organised and led by Tina Scott Parashar and was titled The Incredible Indian Welcome. It truly lived up to its name.

The Cake Collective

Tina has hosted an international collaboration called Incredible India for the past 2 years. She was keen to carry this theme forward when discussing the idea of a display for Cake International. Her intent was to create a life size display that would welcome everyone to CI 2019 with a traditional Indian ‘Namaste’ greeting with all the colour, vibrancy and culture associated with India.

Here's a break down of the collaboration:

We loved being welcomed by this truly amazing collaboration and have featured each element as well as the artists who created them below. We hope you love it as much as we did!

Janette MacPherson

Janette MacPherson

Janette MacPherson - Her Facebook is here

Janette is a bespoke cake designer living in the highlands of Scotland. Her work has been featured in national newspapers and magazines and she has completed works for high end brands across Europe.

Janette featured two elephants in The Incredible Indian Welcome display and they were both stunning. With wonderful detailing and vibrant colours, these were a wonderful addition to a stunning display. We loved the animation of the animals with their lifted feet and trunks to create a true welcome. They have been made so realistically and really enhanced the display as upon entry to Cake international. 

Kostadin Nikolov

Donna Sullivan - Twinkle Fairy Cakes

Kostadin Nikolov - Have a look at his Facebook page here

Kostadin is a cake designer specialising in bespoke sugar craft and cake decorating services based in Southend-on-Sea. 

Kostadin contributed this wonderful Ganesh cake into their collaboration and we were so impressed by it. The detail and sheer volume of detail is amazing, combined with the bold colours and stunning golds giving Ganesh a crown and throne to sit on. We just love the way it looks so regal and depicts Ganesh so well. The gravity defying nature of the cake and the movement of the ears and hand add another element to this creation which we just loved.

Tina Scott Parashar

Tina Scott Parashar

Tina Scott Parashar - Have a look at her Facebook page here

Tina is an award winning cake artist and has been named as one of the Top 10 Cake Artists - India by Cake Masters Magazine, UK. She is also the International Projects Manager and Official Judge for Global Sugar Artists Network and organised this incredible collaboration. 

Tina blew us away with her life size model of this woman in a sari doing the Namaste sign. It is so realistic and just amazing. The intricacies of the clothes and the embellishments are unbelievable and the vibrancy of the colours are just brilliant. Again we love the gravity defying nature of this piece and were just so impressed at the shape of the model, the details and the wonderful welcome it gave us at Cake international.

Elza Baldzhiyska

Elza Baldzhiyska

Elza Baldzhiyska - Have a look at her Facebook Page here

Elza runs The Nightwitch's Cakes and is based in London. She is an award winning cake maker making unique cakes for her customers.

Elza has done an amazing job with her "sitting girl" entry into this brilliant collaboration. The movement of the dress is stunning and gold elements have been painted on so beautifully. She is such a wonderful entry and the detail down to her bracelet and the candle she is holding have been executed so well. We also loved the movement of her scarf, a tricky thing to accomplish when gravity is against you. We were really blow away by another great addition to this collaboration.

Angelika Chwyk

Julie Rogerson - Julie's Cake in a Box

Angelika Chwyc - Have a look at her Facebook Page here

Angelika runs Angel's - Artistic Confectionary Decorations. She is based in Warsaw in the Wola district and makes amazing cakes to order.

Her entry into this collaboration was a magnificent Peacock as displayed above. The peacock is sat on an urn style pot and is adorned with wonderful gilding and colouring. The peacock is so regal and proud and is again another stunning element to this display. Angelika did an amazing job with all the feathers as they cascade down to the floor and we love the gold and pink colours. Another incredibly impressive piece with amazing detail and intricate elements that make it really stand out.

Ashwini Sarabhai

Katrina Clark - Katrina Clark Sugar Art

Ashwini Sarabhai - Have a look at her Facebook Page here

Ashwini was originally an electronics engineer and is now a cake designer. Her and her cakes have been featured in many National & International Magazines, websites, newspapers and TV Shows and she is now one of the editors for Sugar magazine.

It is clear that Ashwini has a wealth of experience in the cake industry with this wonderful addition to the Indian Welcome collaboration. Her sugar flowers are just beautiful and really stand out in this colourful display. We loved the way the base of the fondant lamp (Samayee) has also been surrounded by sugar flowers and beneath that, the art work made with edible sugar was astounding. The precision and clean lines of the art work surrounding her lamp (Samayee) is just so impressive. An amazing piece Ashwini!

Lulu Lucero

Lorena Aparacio Tarin - Los Dulces de Kolo

Lulu Lucero - Have a look at her Facebook Page here

Lulu Lucero is a cake artist based in Mexico. She has a particular flair for realistic busts and faces and has made some amazing pieces of sugar art. 

Finally this life size display of a man holding the Namaste sign was amazing. The sheer size and volume of the creation is impressive on its own let alone all the detail and sugar work that has gone into it. The ruffles and movement in the trousers is amazing and the different tones of red add depth and realism to the clothing. The hair and facial hair on this model is also particularly impressive and we love the welcoming facial expression that Lulu managed to capture too. This piece really was incredible and we were so impressed by the skill and hard work that has so clearly gone into it.

This collaboration was true to it's name

The Incredible Indian Welcome really was just that "incredible". The pieces were all made with magnificent detail and vibrant colour and really were a wonderful way to be welcomed into Cake International. Each cake artist should be incredibly proud of their hard work and dedication to make this collaboration come together. 

We would also love to give a special mention to Tina Scott Parashar who organised this collaboration as well as supplying us with all the photos and details to allow us to review this work.

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Feeling inspired?

We hope you loved this collaboration as much as we did and feel inspired to do more sugar craft of your own by learning from some of the best. Why not head on over to the Pretty Witty Academy site to learn all things cake and cake business.