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29th January 2019 

Clearing Your Cache

Clearing Your Cache

Every now and again we get an email in from someone who is on the point of hurling their computer or phone out of the window...why? Because the wretched device is hanging, not loading a video, doing something weird or generally acting like it is having some kind of nervous breakdown 😉

99.9% of the time, the problem is because the user has a blocked cache.

It is usually just when you most need a video and late and night when it is harder to get online help. So I thought I would put together this brief article to help you on this one as the fix is usually to clear your cache.

When I first found out about caches a few years back, I had never heard of them. Turns out I was not alone and most people don't know what they are but are affected by a blocked one at some point or another...so if you don't regularly clear your cookies and cache on your device, and you find things sometimes don't work properly, read on.

Why do I need to clear my cookies and cache?

This is because when you use your computer or phone, your browser (chrome, firefox, safari, internet explorer etc) stores things that you watch, look at or download for future use. This includes buttons, icons and even entire web pages. It effectively saves them like a photograph - and this is called caching.

When you next go back to that page, your browser will say "hang on...didn't you come here before?" It will check if you did and if you did, instead of loading the page again, it will load a copy of the image from the cached file that it had from the first visit. The idea is that it will save you time if your browser doesn't need to download the page again each time you go to a website.

Your browser doesn't want to load the same page more than once so guesses at whether the previous version of the page is the same as the one you want to open now. Unfortunately, sometimes is guesses wrong!

What is the problem?

Whilst this works most of the time without any issues, it can also lead to problems with videos and play backs because you may, for example, have a cached paged stored which shows the video when you don't have full access to a site (for example, if you used to be a free member or were not logged in when you last viewed the web page). When you go to watch it in full access, your browser gets confused and doesn't show you the correct updated page that you want. It shows you the old 'cached' image from the last time you visited the website.

The problem is that people like us (the folks here at Pretty Witty Cakes) are usually updating web pages all the time and changing things that are small which may not be picked up by your browser when checking to see if it has a cached page it can show you instead of downloading the current page.

The end result is that you could end up seeing old pages and missing the latest news or you could find that the pages don't load properly at all, your video stops playing properly or jumps around a little or all sorts of other little annoying things.

What can you or we do to stop this?

It is easy and you can do it. Pretty Witty Cakes cannot clear the cache for you on your own device. We have no control over your cache. But you do! You need to ensure that you regularly clear your cache. This is quick and easy to do. We do it every week or two on our own personal devices.

If you find something is not working on Pretty Witty Cakes (or on any site you visit on the web), chances are it is because you have a blocked cache so clear your cookies and cache and you should be all set again 🙂

How do I clear my cache?

How you clear it depends on what browser you are using. We recommend clearing your cookies and your cache each time (they are often lumped together). Here are some useful guides:

For Google Chrome users: See here

For FireFox users: See here

For Apple Safari: See here

For Internet Explorer: See here

For Apple iPhones, See here

For an overview on all devices and clearing your cache, See here


Clear your cache regularly for uninterrupted cake videos on the internet! If something stops working, try clearing your cache and chances are that will fix the problem.

Hope that helps!

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