Jan 27

27th January 2020

Free Cake Tutorial: Wafer Paper Ruffles

Wafer paper is delicate and beautiful and adds some wonderful detail to your cakes. It's been around for ages but has recently becoming highly popular in the cake world. This is a free tutorial from Pretty Witty Academy for full tutorials have a look here.

In this tutorial you will learn how to make these beautiful wafer ruffles to adorn your cakes. 

This tutorial is just the beginning...we have so many more tutorials all about wafer paper and how it can be used for beautiful flowers and leaves for your cakes. Have a look at our other tutorials over on the Academy!

Top Tips for Wafer Ruffles:

  • Wafer ruffles are perfect for adding delicacy and detail to any cake
  • Use alcohol instead of water for painting on your wafer paper. If you use water it will just disintegrate in your hands
  • You can add a little colouring to the alcohol to add colour and depth to your paper ruffles
  • Cut a wavy line when cutting the strips for your wafer ruffles in order to add texture and detail to your ruffles

Products used for Wafer Ruffles:

Wafer Paper

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Red Sugar Flair 

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Some Inspiration:

There are so many things you can do with wafer paper, it is such a versatile medium and can add both extravagance and delicacy to your cakes. 

We have curated a selection of different ways of using wafer paper from some amazing cake artists which we have displayed below. We hope you start to love wafer paper as much as we do!

Jasmine Rae

This first cake is incredible and is made by Jasmine Rae Cakes in her signature style. Originally from San Francisco, she started her cake studio in 2006. She also has a BA in Cognitive Science and an MA in Psychology which she earned either side of starting her cake studio. 

This cake is incredible, the movement and elegance is wonderful and makes for a really unusual but truly stunning cake. We also loved the colours of light cream/white and grey adding depth and dimension to the cake. 

Sonda Catto

This wedding cake is made by Sonda Catto from Hautecake. Sonda is a trained pastry chef, studying at Le Cordon Bleu in London. Hautecake was founded in 2014 and has subsequently won awards for their incredible cakes. 

This wedding cake is beautiful, the wafer paper is so delicate and adds wonderful texture to the cake. This is another one using different shades of neutral colours which make this give this cake more beauty and delicacy.

Sugar Penguin Cakery

This cake is by Sugar Penguin Cakery. Sugar Penguin Cakery was born out of curiosity and she specialises in sugar flowers. 

We loved the geometric detail in the bottom tier of this cake, it is such an interesting way of using the wafer paper and really makes this cake stand out. 

Vintage Blossom Cakery

This two tiered cake is from Vintage Blossom Cakery. Joanna is owner/decorator/baker and specialises in elegant and sophisticated cakes for a range of occasions. 

This is an example of wafer paper used to adorn the top of this cake in the form of a beautiful flower. The way colour and gold have both been added really make it stand out, it is a really beautiful cake.

Our Final Words:

We hope you enjoyed this wafer paper tutorial and use it in your up coming cakes! Do tag us in your photos on social media if you do, we'd love to see what you've been up to.

We have so many more tutorials over on Pretty Witty Academy that will help you with so many techniques including wafer paper flowers and leaves so you can expand your repertoire. Why not check them out!

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There is also a huge business section for those wanting to run a business or who are already running one. There are some great tips and tutorials.

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