Feb 10

10th February 2020 

Free Cake Tutorial: How to Make a Valentines Bunny

Valentines, Galentines, it's a day for celebrating love! And we all know the best way to most peoples hearts is through their stomachs! So why not treat your valentine or galentine to a cake or two and top with this sweet Valentine Bunny.

In this free tutorial from Pretty Witty Cakes, you will learn how to make this sweet little bunny, perfect for a Valentine celebration. It can top a cupcake or be part of a bigger display for your Valentine. So give this bunny a go! 

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Bunny Topper

Top Tips for making this Valentine Bunny:

  • Roll the paste around in your hands to get rid of any creases or marks.
  • Make sure the bunny has a fairly flat base so it can sit nicely.
  • Do the heart first so the bunny can be built around it.
  • Keep the heart fairly thick so it is not too flat and holds it's shape well. 
  • Using cling film between the paste and the cutter means that you will be able to get a nice rounded shape on your heart and not have really sharp edges.
  • Saracino is quite tacky so sticks well to itself.
  • Always warm up your paste to help its pliability.
  • Teardrops are part of the basic shapes for models so good to learn how to do!
  • Check the size of the arms and legs against the model so it is all in proportion.
  • The arms and feet should be roughly the size of a Malteser when rolling out.
  • You can add details using your dresden tool to make "fingers" and "thumbs". If you don't have a dresden tool, you can use a cocktail stick to make the marks.
  • The head will be bigger than the body and will be attached with either a cocktail stick or piece of spaghetti. Make sure to pierce the head before putting it onto the body.
  • Put her head at angle to make her look more cute.
  • Let the body completely dry before placing the head on top as it will be more stable.
  • Mix the white with alcohol, this helps it to set and dry. If you don't use alcohol it will come off when touched.

Products Used for this Valentine Bunny:

White Saracino Modelling Paste

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Our Final Words:

We hope you'd loved this tutorial all about how to make a Valentine's bunny. Celebrate Valentines or Galentines this year with a bit of baking and impress your loved ones.

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Bunny Topper

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