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8th January 2020

Free Cake Tutorial: Mini Doughnut Topper

Doughnuts...who doesn't love a sweet treat, patisserie or baked good?! They're just so tasty and delicious. We may be biased judging by our name Pretty Witty Cakes but seriously...everyone loves a sweet treat, even those with a savoury tooth still like to round off a meal with something laden with sugar. 

In this free tutorial from Pretty Witty Academy you can make these mini doughnuts in the form of cupcake toppers to really impress your friends and family that have a sweet tooth! Have a look at this quick tip from Pretty Witty Academy, that will teach you how to make this really effective mini doughnut cupcake topper. 

This quick tip will help you to improve your novelty cupcakes and get a really great reaction from your customer.

If you liked this tutorial, why not have a look at the full Sweet Treat Sweet Treat Cupcake Topper Tutorial over at the Academy!

Sweet Treat Cupcakes

Top Tips for this Mini Doughnut Topper

  • Use about 3g sugar paste for the doughnuts. 
  • Push the ball tool through both sides of the doughnut to make the hole neat.    
  • Use the larger end of the ball tool to smooth the top of the doughnut.
  • Stick the icing and toppings onto the doughnut while it is still a tacky so they stick well and can be manipulated easily.
  • Use the large end of the ball tool to thin out the icing for the doughnut and make it a bit thinner.
  • Make an incision with your scalpel before putting your ball tool through the icing as this will help to create a neater topping.
  • Leave the doughnut to dry out before putting onto your cupcake or cupcake topper.

Products Used for this Doughnut Topper:

Caramel Sugarflair Colour -  For the doughnuts.

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Dark Brown Sugarflair Colour - This is for the mini doughnuts.

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Yellow Sugarflair Colour - This is the colour Daffodil Yellow, for the icing.

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Edible Glue

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Dresden Tool

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NonpareilsIn a mixture of colours

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Disc SprinklesIn a mixture of colours

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Strand Sprinkles

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White Sugarpaste

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Ball Tool

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Medium Blossom Cutter - For the icing effect.

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Some Inspiration:

We definitely have a sweet tooth and some times cake just isn't enough. That's where bakery and patisserie themed cakes come in! They are the best of both worlds and we've gathered a few for you to have a look at for some very sweet inspiration.

This two tiered very sweet sixteen cake is from Hayley at Dollybird Bakes.

Originally a member of cabin crew, Hayley turned her hand to her dream of baking at has made some very sweet cakes indeed.

We love this Patisserie themed cake with it's vibrant colours and models. It's just perfect for a sweet sixteen and so much fun! Complete with a model cupcake on top, this would be sure to please any teen.

This cake is by Felicity and Krystle of Juniper Bakery. Based up North in Hull and Yorkshire, they create fun and playful cakes just like this bakery cake!

The little details in this cake are really sweet and any mum would be happy to receive it. The pinks and golds really make this cake stand out and the tiny cakes are so cute!

Finally this bakery themed cupcake selection is made by Amanda from Amanda's Little Cake Boutique.

Leaving a career in finance and starting her business in 2010, Amanda has one many awards for her cakes!

These cupcake toppers are so cute and tiny! They are really intricate and think the look just lovely as a set. We're sure out mini doughnut topper would fit in perfectly too if you wanted to make your own. 

Our Final Words:

We hope you've loved this tutorial and feel inspired to go and make your own patisserie themed novelty cakes! They're perfect for any birthday and would look great on a cake table display.

If you loved this quick tip, then don't forget to head on over to the academy and have a look at the Sweet Treats Cupcake Tutorial, featuring, the mini doughnut!

Sweet Treat Cupcakes

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